Yes! My Chromebook Can Scan QR Codes…

I’m a “Brand New” Chromebook user who was recently asked if QR Codes could be scanned using this device. Note my Chromebook only has a front camera for using as a webcam. However as an “Out of the Box Thinker” I immediately did an Google Play Android APP search and found a QR Code APP compatible with the Chromebook. I was amazed by the results after scanning a not so good photocopy of a QR Code. The worksheet had a funny bend in it as I scanned the QR Code but to my amazement the Chromebook still opened the weblink.

The QR Scanner APP used was the “QR Code Scanner Free” by Emoji Developers. It installs easily and uses the Chromebook’s webcam as a QR Scanner. Once installed simply open the QR Scanner by clicking on the Chromebook Launcher Launcher.  If the QR & Barcode Scanner isn’t listed on the first screen click the blue circle with the down arrow to view “All APPS”. Open the QR & Barcode Scanner APP and Hold the QR Code in Front of the Webcam camera and like magic a weblink to a video, audio, visual or etc…  right in front of your eyes.

What can this be used for?

  1. Mastery of Homework
  2. Mastery of Assessments
  3. Virtual Art Gallery Tour
  4. Learning Vocabulary
  5. Scavenger Hunts
  6. Reinforcing Math Concepts
  7. Virtual Journeys
  8. Mystery Tours
  9. Mystery Writing Lessons
  10. Exploring Science Concepts
  11. Creating a Virtual Timeline
  12. Classroom Museum
  13. Exploring Books

2 thoughts on “Yes! My Chromebook Can Scan QR Codes…

  1. Joanna says:


    Do you still use this QR reader? I can’t get it to my chromebook…
    I’ve been looking for a simple reader that i can use in kindergarten and it’s impossible to find a simple enough app


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