Student Summer Journaling Activity

Summer has arrived and school has let out. The learning and fun with Ed Tech devices doesn’t have to stop here. Why not keep the brainpower energized with a simple creative writing activity. This doesn’t take much time to do and could be a fun way to share a little part of yourself with the class.  This summer I’m attempting to keep a Google Map Journal for my favorite summer activities.  I can’t wait for September when a student or teacher asks, “So Ms. Drasby what did you do over the summer?”, and in response I’ll open my “My Map Summer Journal”.

I believe an activity such as this could be used as a community ice breaker or a learning experience filled with real facts. You might even want to add a personalized touch by creating custom markers. It is amazing to think a simple map program may present an opportunity to unlock doors for exploring core content areas.

Creating a Google My Map

Did you know Google My Map is located within your Google Drive? Please follow this steps to learn how to get started with Google My Map.

  • Sign into Google Drive
  • Click Blue New Button
  • Scroll Down & Click More
  • Scroll until you find My Maps

New My Maps

Once My Maps is open it is best practice to give it a Title

  • After the My Map has a title
  • Add a layer
  • Title the layer

Now your ready to drop a pin!

Create a Custom Pin


Why Use a Custom Pin?

  • It allows the student to personalize their project
  • Pins can easily help identify an activity
  • Enhances the map with a more personalized look
  • Allows the user to add content specific images as the pins

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