Transform Drag & Drop Into Active Learning Study Tool

Recently I was asked, “What Google Tool is the best for creating a Drag & Drop Matching Quiz?” Of course I replied, “The Solution is in a Google Slide.” Google Slide is an easy tool for creating both drag & drop study tools. Due to the ease of use I recommend students  as the creator instead of providing them with a rote memorization activity. Let them take ownership by becoming active learners and provide them with the opportunity to share their study tool creations  with classmates.

Following is a template for a drag and drop matching study tool. All the students have to do is edit the questions and answers. If the students are savvy enough let them create the drag & drop activity from scratch. Sometimes all the student needs is to see the steps for creating an activity demonstrated.

Please click the following link to make a copy of the template:

Drag & Drop Matching Study Tool


  1. Use a table
  2. Shapes work best for dragging Text
    • Insert shape
      • Double click
      • Type text

YUP!!! It is really that easy!

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