Secret Sauce! Embedding Doc Buttons…

Recently in the Google Docs Help Forum there was a question about adding a button to a Doc.  What the user wanted was a button at the bottom of every page providing an easy return back to the “Table of Contents” on the first page of the Document. Having done this before I shared how to create a “Linked Button”.  This is just one easy and simple way to make document navigation a tad easier. Many moons ago I fell in love with using technology in innovative manners due to its ability to make tasks easier.

When working with students of exceptionalities one tends to focus on, “What changes can I make for ease of understanding or use?” This is why simple ideas such as “Embedding Buttons” in a Google Doc becomes an important tool to share. The greatest reward was reading the original posters response to my answer,  “That’s genius. You basically created/hacked a back to top button by bookmarking the top of the page? I’m sharing this with my team!” So with that said I’m sharing the directions for creating a Google Doc with a navigational button to bring the reader back to the Table of Contents page.

STEPS for Creating Button Navigation

  • Open a New Google Doc
  • Bookmark Page Title
    • In Toolbar Click Down Arrow next to Normal Text
    • Change Normal Text to Heading

Change Heading 1

  • Type the Title
    • Highlight the Title
      • Click Insert
      • Select Bookmark

Select Bookmark

  • On Right of Bookmark Click Link
    • Copy Bookmark Link from Omnibox (Web Address (URL) Window)

Copy Bookmark

  • Click Insert
  • Select Image
  • Search for Button
  • Resize if Necessary
  • Highlight Image
  • Select Link from Toolbar
    • Paste bookmark URL
    • Click Apply

To the top.gif


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