Gotta Luv It! Chart Auto-Updates in Slides

Thanks to the Google Docs Help Forum I discovered the “Auto-Update” ability when linking a Google Sheets Chart to a Google Slides. This is a useful and efficient feature for presentations which use the same monthly for presenting updated data. All it takes is a click of a button located on the chart to have the data update within a Google Slides Presentation. I can see this tool used in content areas such as science where data collecting may play an important role.

In science during a lab students may input data into to a Google Form. The linked class lab data collection chart from the Google Form may be placed into a Google Slide. This will involve linking a Sheet to the Forms. Students may use a Google Slide or Docs with a linked chart for lab write-ups. During the science lab the teacher may have the chart projected on a large screen. They may have students take a break from the lab to discuss the group data collection.

This provides an opportunity for students to potentially correct errors or use deep thinking skills to reason why their data may look different from everyone else. I feel science labs aren’t necessarily about getting the information right or wrong. It is about using “Reasoning Skills” to better understand a process. This is one way the linked Google Sheet Chart in a Google Slide may benefit students by supporting one of the most important “C’s”  known as “Critical Thinking Skills.”

How to Link a Sheets Chart to a Slide


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