What Motivates Students???

What motivates a student to create? Is it the topics or amount of pages assigned? What if the student wasn’t provided with writing objectives but instead shown how to create a digital flip book? Could this be a motivator in itself for creating the best written book?

Many moons ago I was the student who became motivated by the way an assignment was delivered. If it appeared like the focus was upon creating a design project to share with my classmates it caught my interest. Especially when told the projects would be used to help my peers learn about a topic I selected from the teacher’s list.

As an artist projects based upon design were very appealing to me. As a young student if creation appeared to be an important factor I went above and beyond to produce the best possible outcome. It seemed natural to start with research and learning as much as possible about a topic before designing.  I have observed even in today’s times when students are provided with a creative challenge they tend to “Step Up to the Plate”.

One thing to keep in mind the “Creative Challenge” must be fairly easy to achieve or this too may deter the student from success.  If technology is used pick out programs, APPS and devices familiar to the students. I understand sometimes a project may lean towards introducing new digital tools. If this is the case introduce the tools to the students and let them explore before setting them free to create the project.  The bottomline is to support students with becoming a “Motivated Learner.” Till this day I’m still a “Motivated Learner” one of the many desired skills in support of student’s futures.

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