Translate w/Ease TY @Google

We live in a global society where people are collaborating and conversing more than ever. Thanks to the “Internet World of Things” people may find themselves communicating with colleagues, relatives or friends located in a foreign country speaking  a foreign language. In our modern society it is becoming commonplace to use various translating methods to effectively communicate with someone who speaks a different language. Through both machine intelligence and various tools Google is helping to minimalize the language barrier.

In schools this may be an extremely helpful tool for multiple community stakeholders. Bilingual communication is one of those areas which should no longer enable teachers, parents or students. There is no reason why a language barrier exists when using email as a correspondence tool. Gmail makes it very easy to translate an email from a foreign language into the everyday language used by the user. Google Docs also offers a translate tool! One special feature I like about the docs tool is when it converts the document to a language of choice it makes a copy of the original document. This provides the user with both a copy in their native language and the foreign one for their records.

Of course if you don’t have either one of the aforementioned tools “No need to worry” as long as there is an Internet connection. One may copy and paste the information into the Google Translate website to convert the text to a different language.  The Google Translate Website even makes it easy for the user to copy the text. An extra bonus is one may listen to the text in both their native language & the foreign one too! I’m thankful for these tools which strengthen our ability to communicate globally.

Translate using GMAIL

  1. Open GMAIL Inbox
  2. Select the Foreign Language email
  3. Click Drop down Arrow (upper right corner across from user name)
  4. Select Translate Message
  5. May need to Select Language
    • Click Dropdown Arrow Next to “Detect Language”
    • Select Language
  6. Boom Email is Translated!

Gmail Translate

Translate using Google Doc

  1. Open Google Doc
  2. Create a New Doc, Click Blue +
  3. Give Doc a Title
  4. Click Doc to Start Typing Content
  5. Select Tools
  6. Click Translate Document
  7. Choose a Language
  8. Click Blue Translate Button

Docs Translate

NOTE: A new document will open with the language translation

Using Google Translate Website

  1. Type “Google Translate” in Chrome Omnibox (search window) or use the following link:
  2. Type or paste text into first text box
  3. Choose a Language in the Second Text Box
    • Click drop down arrow next to Spanish
    • Select language
  4. Click Blue Translate Button
  5. Copy Text to Paste into another program
  6. Or Click Speaker to Listen (may support speaking face to face)

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