Spice Up your Classroom w/Bitmoji

Happy New Year

Bitmoji is a an easy Chrome Extension to use for creating a profile avatar and other characters. The Bitmoji lends itself to many different users within a classroom setting. First and foremost it is one way for supporting good digital citizenship skills by having students under the age of 13 create an avatar for use in social media. Following is a list of ideas of how you might use Bitmoji to spice up the classroom.

How Can Bitmoji be Used?

  • Create a Bitmoji Avatar for Blog’s “About Me Page”
  • Use Bitmoji in classroom Google Slide Presentations
  • Have students create cartoons strips smashing Bitmoji with Google Drawings or a Google Slide Presentation
  • Add Bitmoji Characters to classroom signs and digital anchor charts
  • Have students add a Bitmoji character to a writing project to assist with expressing Character Emotion
  • Create a stop motion Google Slide Presentation using Bitmoji Characters
  • Students may dress up a game board they created with a Bitmoji
  • Add a Bitmoji to a worksheet or assessment
  • Create Bitmoji badges for the Gamified Classroom

Using Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Bitmoji Add to Chrome

  • In Pop-up Window Select “Add Extension”

Add Extension

  • Click “Get Started” (allows user to sign into Bitmoji Account)

bit get started.gif

  • After signing into the account
    • Extension is Ready to use
  • Click Bitmoji Extension Favicon (symbol)
  • Search a Topic such as hello, sports & watch the avatar magic occur

copy or save bit image

  • NOTE: User may Choose to “Right Click Copy” or “Right Click Save As”  to use images

Now you’re ready to rock n’ roll with Bitmoji

2 thoughts on “Spice Up your Classroom w/Bitmoji

  1. @GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian says:

    Some great ideas here! But what about those kiddos who aren’t 13 yet? Isn’t this is a CIPA issue? Or what about the Bitmoji’s that are inappropriate? (alcohol or expletive related?) I use Bitmoji’s FOR my kids but not WITH my kids. Maybe if I taught High School I would feel differently? But I’m having a hmmmm moment here and need your help!
    Thank you!
    The Daring Librarian


    • Ms Drasby says:

      Yes Gwyneth you are right it could be a cipa issue. Unfortunately Bitmoji’s is a third party extension. Funny since writing the post I don’t believe in installing most 3rd party extensions especially if they ask for access to drive files and etc…. Personally I would not have student’s under 13 use Bitmoji for designing cartoons and etc… If you are interested in having them create their own avatar’s or cartoons have them design the characters using Google Drawings. Sure hope this is helpful.


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