Twelve Reasons I like Using Technology

hPhoto by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

My passion for technology started 24 years ago when my daughter was in kindergarten. During the time I didn’t realize how much technology was going to interplay in my life. This tool changed my life in many different ways.

First: It unlocked hours of engagement for my daughter. Our first desktop computer provided academic support for her reading and writing.

Second: Investing in a computer to nurture my daughter’s interest in her academics became a tool unlocking doors for me into the digital world. It was our very first family computer which taught me about maintenance of this innovative device. Thanks to Gateway computer support I learned how to recover from a crashed state.

Third: My job as an aid supporting students of exceptionalities led to the creation of talking PowerPoint assessments. I watched student’s who had difficulty reading and focusing independently work through audio tests. Very focused and a self-motivator which boosted the students esteem to work independently.

Fourth: My success graduating from college in the top 10% of my class. I spent hours teaching my Windows 95 computer to speak my notes to me. It was the three-step method of typing & reading followed by listening through headphones which embedded the information into my memory.

Fifth: As an adult with spine issues my computer now types for me when I’m laying down decompressing my spine. It allowed me to free my hands from typing in an awkward position.

Sixth: Thanks to machine learning I never have to worry about whether my heat was turned down. All I do is access an APP on my phone to check but only to find the smart thermostat already did its job!

Seventh: Driving is a breeze with all the extra digital gadgets which help warn me about cars and objects near my vehicle. When one has a limited range of motion gadgets such as these provide independence.

Eight: My automobile’s radar control is a lifesaver thanks to adjusting speed on the pace of the car in front of it. It allows me to shift my body differently and last longer behind the driver’s wheel.

Ninth: Video chats allowed my husband to see our daughter and talk with her during his cancer journey. It allowed him to escape the confines of our house when he no longer could leave on his own.

Tenth: Google Homes ability to create shopping lists via voice control allowed my husband to add last minute items to our list. It alway’s amazed me how this was possible to do but reaching me on my cell phone was still limited in the rural area where we lived.

Eleventh: Social Media and the dreams it unlocked for me as an artist. Thanks to the positive use of social media my works of art were included in several digital art shows. I’m still amazed my mixed media, ink drawings and photos have journeyed from galleries in NYC, Digital Billboards in Time Square all the way to a digital display in the Louvre Museum.

Twelfth: The invite to what was the Google Top Contributor Program and now known as the Google Product Experts Program thanks to my use of social media. I’m thankful for the ability to assist people throughout the world with learning best practices and beneficial ways to use Google Products.

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