News Right Under your Fingertips…

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Over the last handful of years, my focus on television news isn’t what it used to be. Recently I discovered the Morning Brew newsletters. The newsletter is delivered to my email inbox every day. These newsletters are quick and easy to read. I love the convenience and how the Morning Brew helps me stay on top of the latest world news.

In this quick access world, it is beneficial to the many different learning styles to have a light and easy to read newsletter. It helps to keep the reader on top of the latest global happenings. As an older adult with a shorter attention span, I can certainly attest to this. Tools such as the Morning Brew Newsletter may be helpful to both the young and old. I recommend the next time you sit down to a cup of coffee to read the Morning Brew. It truly only takes minutes to stay on top of the latest world happenings.

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