Covid-19 Internet Challenges

Last week due to COVID-19 along with the influx of schools & businesses onto the internet connectivity problems starting popping up. Challenges such as video processing, uploaded images disappearing, and intermittent internet connections occurred. Over the last two days, video chat meetings started freezing for me.  

Today I ran an experiment to understand the issue and to provide helpful workarounds. The following list is of tips that seemed to help my connectivity issues. 

  • Use one Internet browser at a time
  • Close all extra Internet browser tabs
  • Use one device at a time on your home wifi network
    • Examples of devices
      • Smartphones
      • Extra laptops
      • Extra tablet & iPads
      • Smart TV
      • Smart Assistants
        • Alexa
        • Google Home
        • Google Home Mini
  • Try a different hour of the day to do your work

Sure hope these tips work for you! They worked like a charm for me.

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