12744357_10205883542103318_8075790541833184987_nDuring the daytime hours Ms. Drasby is a K-12     Teaching Assistant in a public school. Ms. Drasby refers to herself as an Ed Tech Geek or Nerd. This is due to her passion for using technology in innovative manners for supporting both students and colleagues. She believes collaboration and communication is an important “KEY” to successfully implementing Educational Technology to support all learners.

Ms. Drasby has learned firsthand through her art and passion for bicycling about the positive effects of global connections. The “Wide World Web” has opened many doors for her artistic adventures. In 2015  one piece of Barbra’s artwork appeared in a digital display during an event at the Louvre. You can see the artwork in the online  “Nature Collection” Publication for the Exposure Award. Ms. Drasby finds herself in awe of the possibilities technology represents.

Barbra has also experienced the benefit of people working together “Paying it Forward” supporting others in need. Thanks to her bicycle Barbra has experienced the excitement of complete strangers working together through raising funds on-line for “Non Profit” Organizations.

Ms. Drasby has participated in both bicycle tours and walking events to raise awareness in support of humanity. Following is a small listing for some of the events:

Habitat for Humanity   ♦  Tour de Cure  ♦  Out of Darkness  ♦  Relay for Life

Ms. Drasby’s dream is to become a Google for Education Certified Trainer recently became a reality. She is one step further to her goal of becoming a Google Innovator. She caught the Ed Tech bug many decades ago.

Ms. Drasby was first introduced to the digital world of education by her daughter Melissa who at the time was just a kindergartener. Melissa is now an adult and Ms. Drasby still continues to explore Ed Tech.


Barbra’s Google Ed Tech Ventures has bought her to discovering the  “Google Top Contributor Program”. This has provided Ms. Drasby with the opportunity to support in multiple Google Help Forums, and Help on Social. Barbra finds it to be internally rewarding to support others with learning how to use Google Products.


Ms. Drasby has experienced first hand the positive impact technology may provide for academic success. It is her dream to help others discover how to unleash the Ed Tech Magic for supporting  all learning styles. Barbra strongly believes it is possible for all students to excel beyond any academic limitations. She sees Ed Tech as the “Key” to unlocking these doors.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sue Navratil says:

    I have a class of five special needs students that have been using your material along with other videos on Google to learn about Google. I recently typed an assignment sheet with some assignments that are no longer in Everything Google/Tips and Tricks. Is there anyway that I could get those assignments? Google Drawing Insert Image, The Power of a Google Drawing, Creating a photo montage with Google Drawing

    Insert a Special Character
    Google Slide Place Value Alignment
    10 & 20 Frame Google Slide Manipulative
    Students Create Animated Vocabulary Cards with Google Slides

    Insert Image Title Page in Google Docs
    Typing and Handwriting Supplemental Notes

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ms Drasby says:

      Appreciate your taking the time to share such kind words! Thank you for pointing out the issues. I will take a look and fix the links over the next few days!


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