Auto-Highlighting Text with Slides

A teacher in the help forums wanted to know how to automatically highlight vocabulary words in a presentation. This is easily done by inserting a shape, changing the transparency and adding animation. If you are looking to highlight each word as a student reads the presentation slide deck this is possible to do. It is a matter of setting the timing of the animation to appear after the prior or upon click.

STEPS for Auto-Highlighting

  1. Insert and Select Shape
  2. Choose the Rectangle
  3. Drag to Size Shape
  4. Click “Fill Color” Paint Bucket
  5. Select Yellow or color of choice
  6. Click “Fill Color” Again
  7. Select Custom
  8. Drag the Slider on the Right Downward
  9. Click Line Color, Select Transparent
  10. Click Shape, Select Insert
  11. Click Animate
  12. Select Animation Type
  13. Drag Speed Slider
  14. Click Play

STEP 2A: Creating the Google Form

Inserting an image in the questions and answer fields of a Google Forms is an upgrade I immediately fell in love with! Instantly I realized the value it offers for supporting a wide variety of learners.

Insert a Question or Answer Image

  • Open a Google Form
  • Click the + sign under Start a New Form


  • Give it a Title
    • Click “Untitled Form” to type a title name (Located in upper left corner)

Give it a title.png

  • Go to the first question section
    • Type a Question
    • Click the Image Icon


                    (mountain symbol) this will allow you to add an image

  • Select one of these choices for adding image:
    • Take a snap shot
    • By URL
    • Your Albums
    • Google Drive
    • Search
  • Next chose multiple choice for the answers

Google Forms Type Question Insert Image.gif

NOTE: This will allow you to go to the next section base upon the answer. My next post will explain how to do this.


STEP 1: Creating Math Animated Image

During the summer I discovered an “Older” screencast program called LICEcap. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac Laptops. The program creates simple animated images. This program is very limited with its options but works well for creating quick demos without sound.

I like the simplicity and found by smashing this program with Google Slides amazing action can happen when creating animated gifs. This is the program I used to create the animated math equation in the Google Forms Math Support.

How to use LICEcap

  • First download from CNET:LICEcap
  • Followed by installing
  • I keep LICEcap in my task bar or toolbar for easy access
  • Click LICEcap
  •              Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.03.33 PM
  • Position it on the screen
  • Name the File
  • Add a location to save the file
  • Click Record
  • Click Stop or the x when recording is completed

Now I bet you are wondering what to do next? Next you would go to a Whiteboard Online website such as Ziteboard or Web Whiteboard to use for writing the Math Equation. Open the whiteboard site followed by opening and positioning the LICEcap program to record. It’s really that SIMPLE.

Blog LICEcap.gif

Look Out for STEP 2a: Creating the Google Form


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