Back to the Basics Using Google Forms Sections

Sections is a Google Forms basic tool which I like using. I view a section as individual pages in a book. It allows the respondent to focus on answering a question with minimal distractions. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of a section for they also contain a powerful punch. Following is a list of advance methods for applying Google Forms Sections:

  1. Self Study Quiz
  2. Choose your Own Adventure Story
  3. Collecting Specific data depending upon an answer

To the Moon with Google Slides…

Phases of the moon.gif

Google Slides is one of the many “Magical Tools” embedded into GSuites for Education. It is a versatile tool and often carries the “Stigma” of being a presentation tool.  The last few years I’ve discovered a myriad of ways to incorporate slides for supporting students of all learning abilities. Sharing slides in “Edit Mode” provides students the opportunity to use Google Slides as interactive and Collaborative Activities. Activities such as my “Phases of the Moon” Google Slides Interactive support students with independently learning content and internalizing the information through the use of several methods.

Below is a video explaining how to use the Phases of the Moon Google Slides.

Please click here to make a copy of this template

How does this Google Slides Activity Benefit Students?

  • Supports independent learning
    • Via Independent Research
    • Repetitive Practice
  • Supports critical thinking skills
  • Provides an opportunity to create
  • Can support Collaboration and Communication
    • Depending if used as group or individual activity

STEP 2b: Google Forms Magical Feature

Built into Google Forms is the Go to Next Section Based on Answer feature. The feature can provide students with a second chance to review the question and master the concept. This method  can help with minimizing “Test Anxiety” for students. When the student is referred to the next section based on a wrong answer they’re presented with visual or video review. This is followed by the student trying to answer the same question a second time. Imagine how this could bolster a students esteem due to a passing grade?

Tutorial: Next Question based on Answer

  • Click the More Symbol


  • Choose Go to Section Based on Answer
    • Based on the section selection the student is sent:
      • To the next question
      • Or to a review Section
        • Here the student will watch a video or see a visual for supporting mastery of the question.
        • The student is provided with a second chance to answer the same question before moving onto the next question or submitting the answers.
  • Click the Dropdown Arrow for each Answer
    • This is activated by Choosing “Go to Next Section Based on Answer”
  • Select the Section or Choose Submit Form

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 6.24.06 AM.png