Smashing Extension Fab Timesavers!!!

While collaborating with a group of math teachers I discovered the “Power” of  “Smashing” these two Chrome Extensions. Chrome Save to Drive Extension does exactly what its name states. It allows the user to save screenshots and images from the Chrome Browser directly to Google Drive. The second extension is Awesome Screenshot which allows the user to capture and annotate snippets before saving as an image file. I find combining these two extensions can save a lot of time for both Teachers and Students when creating lessons and projects.

Google APP Launcher: Oh MY!

Google APP Launcher.png

Google recently shared the APP Launcher will no longer be available for Windows, Mac or Linux systems. No Fear! Users will still have the available to access and collect Google APPS in a “User Friendly Manner”.

Chrome APP Access.gif

Users can also access Google Chrome APPS within the Chrome Bookmark Bar.  The Bookmark Bar must be on to use this feature for accessing APPS.  If the Google APPS Launcher Icon  doesn’t appear in the bookmark bar just right click anywhere and click “Show APPS Shortcut”.

Turn on Chrome Bookmark Bar

  1. Open the Chrome Browser
  2. Click the Chrome Menu Icon Menu
  3. Scroll down to Bookmark
  4. Select Show Bookmarks Bar

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.31.44 PM

If you would like to read more about this please Click here:

Chrome Help Center

Google Drive & Gmail Sign-Out First Learned Rule

Signout of G-Account.gif

Today I was amazed while watching a middle school student sign-out of their Gmail account. Instead of clicking on the account sign-out the student clicked the red “X” in the upper left Corner of the Chrome Browser. This is not the safest way to sign out of an account. It could potentially leave the user’s account signed on. Which means the next student using the computer may have access to the prior person’s account.

Ironically today in the Google Drive Help Forum I assisted a high school student who was upset due to files and folder deleted from their account. It is really important to teach students from a young age how to sign-out of their Google Account before closing the Chrome or Internet Browser. Nurturing “Good Digital Citizenship” skills start with teaching students how to properly use digital devices.

Google Chrome URL Shortener

As part of my Teaching Assistant position I push into classrooms to take supplemental notes. This year I’m using a Google slide Notebook which I share with my Teacher Partners. I have a tendency to link out to websites or Google Docs to support the notes taken. Sometimes these weblink address can be very long. I find it is quick and easy to use the URL Shortener Chrome extension to shorten website urls.

The URL Shortener also offers a few other benefits. One can track data details for website shared. Instead of creating a weblink the user can share a QR code. Chrome tools like this make life quick and easier.

Google URL Shortner.gif

Easy Come & Easy Go…

…and so is the life of a Chrome Extension. Yesterday I discovered the Evernote Clearly Chrome Extension is discontinued. What this means is it can no longer be installed on a Chrome Browser. However if you installed the Clearly Extension prior to being discontinued it can still be used. Keep in mind support is no longer offered for this extension. You can read about this here: Discontinued Support for Clearly -Evernote Help & Learning.

If you want to know more about the “Old” Clearly Extension you can refer to my July Post by clicking here: I Can Read Clearly Now