Use Voice Typing, It’s Easier & Quicker!!!

Using Voice Typing is a quick method to provide responses and answers. In my busy life, timesaving tips are so so important! I look for tools that allow me to add precious free time back into my schedule without losing quality. Tools such as voice typing come in handy to use for saving loads of time.

Today I discovered how well my iPad voice to text keyboard integrates with the YouTube Studio APP. I decided to use voice typing to quickly answer comments left by viewers of my YouTube Channel. As someone with small motor issues, this is sometimes a daunting task. My fingers don’t always function when trying to type.

During a spine issue flare-up, it isn’t unusual for me to lose some control of my fingers. It can be very frustrating when trying to type. Either my finger brushes over a key or lays heavy upon the keys causing multiple letters to type out. I’m thankful for voice typing! It supports me with typing despite the many challenges presented by my neuro-muscular spine condition.

The best part about typing by voice is the ability to quickly respond and answer a zillion questions in a short period.

Beware of Your Hashtags…

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It’s almost two decades since I created a Print On Demand (POD) store to offer my art designs on products. I’ve noticed in the last few months some of my old designs were selling. In the past few weeks, content review messages started showing up in my inbox.

It seems some of the hashtags were reaching the search engines once more. Of course, I was a happy camper to be making sales due to this. However, it was a surprise to discover a company either owned a license or copyright to the words used in my hashtags. The POD company told me, “it is possible to resubmit all the products that they took down.” All I have to do is take out the problematic hashtags and words in the product descriptions.

When teaching digital citizenship skills, using social media for marketing, or selling online, learn your copyright and licensing rules. Now I have to spend a lot of extra time resubmitting the products due to those hashtags and words used in the product descriptions. I hope you learn from my experiences. Don’t think words are free to be used in product descriptions and as hashtags.

Remote Learning use Google Assistant Bell Schedules to Create Structure

COVID 19 forced students and teachers into remote learning, and the loss of structure. Students didn’t know how to maintain and stay on schedule. Now parents can use the Google Assistant APP along with a mobile device or Google Speaker to support students by providing a bell schedule. Imagine an audio alert stating, “Johnny, it’s time for Math Class” or “Take a break for lunch.” Why not use a simple tech tool to help a child or even an adult to stay on schedule? It may be a simple way to motivate a child or adult to stay on task.

Why Check Post Dates?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Have you ever noticed the internet is becoming a wasteland of some outdated information? Recently I received a comment on a blog post pointing out newer steps for using an internet extension. My response was the post was written back in 2017. I added that both the extension and Google APP mentioned in the post had evolved quite a bit from back then.

My reply to the comment was to teach about blog post timestamps and being aware to notice them when doing research. A posts timestamp may make a world of difference when doing research or just looking for the answer to a question. Always backup your research by looking for a current piece of research information to prove your claim.

Organizing Shared with Me, Know the Basics…

Yesterday I explained the purpose of using the shared with me bin in Google Drive. Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to organize the shared with me section of Google Drive. Please check out the following short video to learn how simple it is to do.