Day 1 Google Forms Workshop

Recently I facilitated a Google Forms workshop entitled, “Google Forms Filling a Variety of Needs”. On the opening day a Google Slide Jeopardy Game was presented with a little twist. All participants used a Google Form as a Remote Answer Clicker for the game. When a game like this is used in the classroom its function is for accessing prior knowledge along with engaging the students.

Google Forms Jeopardy Game

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Generic Response Clicker

The Generic response clicker could be used at anytime. Teachers do not have to plan ahead. They can write a question on the Interactive Whiteboard give it a code. This way the teacher knows what question the student answered. Teacher takes a screen capture of the questions. Instant off the cuff assessment for those moments when you are unsure what the students understand.

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The student doesn’t need a laptop to access the Google Forms Response Clicker. Thankfully Google Forms can be used on a variety of devices. This provides an opportunity to let your students use their smartphones, iPods, tablets and etc…

How Would You Use a Google Forms Response Clicker?

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Print a Google Forms… It’s That Simple!

It is amazing to think in this digital oriented society there are still people who don’t own digital devices or have internet service. Teacher’s no need to sweat this one out for Google Forms can provided a paper copy for students. All you have to do is print the form. Yup! You heard me right.

When a Google Forms is printed the layout transforms to a simple black & white copy. All background designs disappear. The student marks bubbles and fills in the blank to answer questions. It’s hard to believe, but Google Forms supports both the paperless and paper Classrooms. Who can ask for more?

Before and After Sample of Google Forms


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 1.02.54 AM.png

AFTER Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 1.02.22 AM.png

How to Print a Google Form

  1. Click the more options icon (3 vertical dots)
  2. Scroll down to Print and Click
  3. It’s that simple!!!

Printing Forms Questions.gif

Students Use Interactive Entry Tickets

Over the years my position as a K12 Teaching Assistant has provided the experience of observing a variety of different grade levels. Time after time I’ve heard teachers express how they hate handing out “Busy Work” and would like something more productive for the student at the very beginning of the day or period.  So what can a teacher give the students to do as they take attendance and share the objectives for the day? There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question! This just may be a perfect time where integrating technology could support both the teacher and student without interrupting the learning process.

The last handful of years Entry Tickets have become a popular way of keeping students busy while teachers take attendance and hand out materials for the period. Why not make the Entry Ticket an Interactive learning experience? This could be a “Win Win” situation for both the student and teacher. How you ask?

  1. The Entry Ticket will be created by using a Google Form
  2. Provides the opportunity to collect valuable teaching information in a spreadsheet
    1. Teacher receives immediate feedback about students prior knowledge, and interest
    2. Teachers can tweak their lesson to keep students engaged
  3. The Form can be created to support student’s independence with understanding questions
  4. If Students finish early a clickable link is provided for activity to complement the lesson
  5. Helps maintain classroom organization
  6. Keeps the students busy with learning and maintains order
  7. Saves Time for the Teacher
  8. Provides MORE Learning Time for the students





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