STEP 2A: Creating the Google Form

Inserting an image in the questions and answer fields of a Google Forms is an upgrade I immediately fell in love with! Instantly I realized the value it offers for supporting a wide variety of learners.

Insert a Question or Answer Image

  • Open a Google Form
  • Click the + sign under Start a New Form


  • Give it a Title
    • Click “Untitled Form” to type a title name (Located in upper left corner)

Give it a title.png

  • Go to the first question section
    • Type a Question
    • Click the Image Icon


                    (mountain symbol) this will allow you to add an image

  • Select one of these choices for adding image:
    • Take a snap shot
    • By URL
    • Your Albums
    • Google Drive
    • Search
  • Next chose multiple choice for the answers

Google Forms Type Question Insert Image.gif

NOTE: This will allow you to go to the next section base upon the answer. My next post will explain how to do this.


Google Form Math Support Explained

Oh how I love the “Newest” Google Form upgrade! The idea of inserting images in a Google Form question or answer triggered the inspiration for this idea. It dawned on me there are two types of images: Static or Animated. The animated image seems to fit in well with everything  I read about supporting a students critical thinking skills. This made me think what would happen if an”Animated Image” was provided demonstrating solving a problem and the student was asked to explain what they see?

The Google Math Form Idea

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In creating this Google Form Math support I used the “New Image Question” feature in conjunction with the “Go to next Question based on Answer”. This provided the opportunity for the student to first explain how the problem is solved. Next the Student practiced the equation solving steps. When the Student Solves the Problem Correctly they End the Form a Kudos Message, and then submits their answer. If the answer isn’t correct the student is sent to a review page where they click a link to a Review Google Slide. The Slide is copied to the students Google Drive.

The Review Google Slide Deck Presents the Student the opportunity to view the animated problem solving steps. A space is supplied where they can type or use a voice recording to explain the problem solving steps. This is followed by a second slide which provides the problem to solve along with a place value mat as extra support. Student may use a calculator to assist with the multiplication facts.

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When the Student is done solving the problem they go back to the Google Form to submit the answer.

I recommend using the Chrome Browser with the Tab Resize Extension. This will allow the students to view the Google Form and Slide Deck side by side.

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STEP 1: Creating the Math Animated Gif


  1. Step 1: Creating the Math Animated Gif
  2. Step 2a: Creating the Google Form

Can’t Edit My Doc! What do I do???


Matthew Inman  CC BY 3.0

Teaching basic self-help computer strategies should be just as important as learning to  use digital tools for creating and collaborating. Just think how much time could be saved if one knew some basic tips. I bet there are a lot of times when a simple fix could save stress and time for teachers and students.

Basic Troubleshooting Strategies

  1. Open the Internet Browser

  2. Try Clearing the Internet Browsers cookies and cache

  3. Next try to use the Browser in Incognito or private window

  4. If Private mode works then try:

  5. Disabling  extensionsadd-onsplug-ins

When all else fails: Try a different browser to see if it is a browser related issue

Day 1 Google Forms Workshop

Recently I facilitated a Google Forms workshop entitled, “Google Forms Filling a Variety of Needs”. On the opening day a Google Slide Jeopardy Game was presented with a little twist. All participants used a Google Form as a Remote Answer Clicker for the game. When a game like this is used in the classroom its function is for accessing prior knowledge along with engaging the students.

Google Forms Jeopardy Game

Click here to copy the template

Generic Response Clicker

The Generic response clicker could be used at anytime. Teachers do not have to plan ahead. They can write a question on the Interactive Whiteboard give it a code. This way the teacher knows what question the student answered. Teacher takes a screen capture of the questions. Instant off the cuff assessment for those moments when you are unsure what the students understand.

Click here to copy the template

The student doesn’t need a laptop to access the Google Forms Response Clicker. Thankfully Google Forms can be used on a variety of devices. This provides an opportunity to let your students use their smartphones, iPods, tablets and etc…

How Would You Use a Google Forms Response Clicker?

Please use the comment area to share your thoughts.


Receive Daily Spreadsheet Edit Agenda

Teachers you can receive a daily notifications agenda when students make changes to a collaborative Google spreadsheet. What is the value? If students are working as small groups on projects you can see who contributed information.  The email provides a list of the Student and the time the edits occurred in a daily agenda notification. All the teacher has to do is go into the spreadsheet then look at the Revision History to see exactly what the students typed. It gives a whole new perspective on assessing student’s work.

Spreadsheet Notifications.gif

Setup Google Spreadsheet Notifications

  • Choose Tools in the spreadsheet toolbar
  • Scroll down to Notifications Rules and click
  • Pop-up window opens for set notification rules
  • Click the blue edit in the upper right
  • Choose between:
    • Any changes are made
    • A user submits a form
  • Next you choose between a daily email or multiple emails
    • Email daily digest (one email daily)
    • Email right away  (every time a student logins to make a change)
      • Gmail maybe flooded with email

NOTE: Timesaver for teacher prevents the need to sift through tons of email!