Got a Google??? Who Ya Gonna Call for Help…

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IMAGINE THIS SCENE: A teacher or student is struggling with creating a Google Doc, Site, slide, sheet, forms, drawings or etc…  They are not coming up the winner in this wrestling match! The teacher or student needs the work finished for the next day at school. Now what do you at 11 pm when friends or colleagues are tucked away in bed? Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Of course you have…  Yup hard to believe but I have!

Did you know Google places “HELP” links within all products? The Help Center generally is housed under the word HELP in a Doc’s Toolbar or the Settings  Icon found in Google Products.  Here you will find instructional tutorials, troubleshooting tips and links to the Google Product Help Forums. In the help forums there are both Google Employees and Top Contributor Experts ready to answer your questions. You will also notice other knowledgeable community members offering valuable information as well! 

TIP: Google Product Expert replies are always marked as such in the lower right hand corner of the thread’s post. 

Google Expert Replied Example

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Other Google Users Replied 

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Click here to visit the Google Product Help Centers

Click here to Visit Google Product Help Forums


Teach Students How to Create Calendar Meetings

Google Calendar is a tool both students and teachers can use for communication and collaboration. It allows the user to share attachments, web-links and images along with a brief summary. If a student is working on a class project outside of school Google Calendar allows them to make arrangements and share information with their classmates. Google Calendar provides opportunities for collaboration and communication for teachers without having to leave their classroom. It’s an easy way for teacher’s to leave sub plans which support the use of the classrooms interactive whiteboards thanks to clickable attachments and links left in the description area. Read below to learn how to maximize Google Calendar for supporting school needs.


It’s Simple to Invite Others to an Event

Just add Email and Save

Calendar Add - Delete Guest.gif

Google Drive Obtaining Help

Today as I answered a question in the Google Drive Help Forum; it dawned on me how many users skip pass using the Help Tool within drive.  When I’m in the need of troubleshooting or not sure how to do something in Drive the Help Tool is where I go first. All you have to do access help is click the Help Gear in the upper right corner of Google Drive.

Don’t Panic! GAfE Revision History to the Rescue!!!

Untitled drawing-3

I can’t tell you how many times over a multitude of  years witnessing a student panic due to fears of wiping out a file! It is frustrating putting a lot of time and effort into one’s work only to have it disappear in a matter of seconds!!! This is no longer an issue thanks to Google APPS for Education when creating a doc, presentation, sheet or drawing!  Thanks to the Revision History one can restore their work from a previous revision completed before the delete key was clicked.

Google Drive Make a Copy

Thank you to Steph Westwood for asking this question:

“Barbra in a lot of things you share you have make a copy-how do you share your google things like that?”

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.40.53 PM.png

The following presentation is a tutorial of how an easy way for students to create an individual copy (non-collaborative) of a file to their Google drive.

Click here to Make a Copy of the Tutorial