Good Reads to “Ring Out the Old Year”

During 2015 my collection of Ed Tech Books expanded.  There are so many good reads out there by colleagues in the education field. I can’t help but share a few of my favorites to “Ring Out the Old Year!” It will certainly be tough to top this list in 2016!!! However I can’t wait to see what awesomeness these educators share in the New Year!

Happy New Year to all the GREAT EDUCATORS in this WORLD!!!

My Favorite 2015 Ed Tech Books

connected educators

Authors: Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul and Jimmy Casas

This book is about using social media to enhance a teachers professional develop as well as the learning experience  in the classroom.


Author: Matt Miller

This book presents the idea of “Ditching the textbook” and relying upon the use of technology and innovative ideas for teaching.



Authors: Alice Keeler and Libbi Miller, Ed. D

This book provides teachers with  50 effective and efficient ways to integrate Google Classroom.

Creating a Digital Interactive Math Notebook Using Google Slides

The creation of Interactive Notebooks has become a very popular tool amongst educators. Students are sharing their ability to think independently and creatively while making study tools overflowing with academic information.

Originally the purpose of an interactive notebook was to support students with organizing and understanding the content being presented in a classroom. In a sense creating an interactive notebook is a new way of taking notes for a variety of content areas.

Being a “Tech Nerd” I took the idea of creating an Interactive Notebook to the digital level. This allowed for a group activity to create an interactive digital notebook which could be shared on a website, blog or sent via a link in an Email. Thus making the interactive notebook readily available for any student with an internet connection to practice various skills within a content area.


The above digital interactive notebook was created by using Google Slides. Google slides is a flexible digital tool for creating interactive for supporting lessons. It is also a great tool for unlocking both the critical and creative thinking skills of students in all grade levels.

Transform Google Notes Into Interactive

I’m a K-12 Teaching Assistant assigned to Middle School. My position pushes me into several content areas to support students. One of the expectations of my position is to supply supplemental notes for the students. I use Google Drive to share my notes via content area folders with my Special Education Teacher Partners. This delivers the notes synchronously to my partner.

This year I discovered it is easiest to use a Google Slide to share notes. I use one presentation for each new month. If my notes contain 8.5″ x 11″ worksheets then I link out to another Google slide presentation with a page setup for this dimension. My main Google Note sharing presentation uses the custom page setup of 11″ by 8.5″ This makes it possible for my Teacher Partners to print a page if needed. Sometimes the landscape style notes can be easily converted into a study interactive the teachers can use with students during resource room, study hall or etc…


Easy Manipulative

Please click here if you would like the template

 It is easy as pie to convert your notes into a manipulative by pulling the answers off to the side of the layout area.

Yes! There is a Way to Share Google MyMaps with Students!!!

This post is in response to April Barefoot’s question asked via Twitter. She asked, “Is there a way to share your Google My Maps so teacher could create polygons and then share map with students?”  The below Screencast provides the answer to this question.

GAfE Image Options Used for Photocopies

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but I still use a printer and photocopier at school. Pretty amazing in the move towards a paperless society! This is still a challenge in areas where internet services is limited. Yes! I mean students may actually have NO Internet connection at home! This makes it necessary to print and photocopy worksheets for students. In a case like this is when I find the Image Options setting to be handy.

The image option setting makes it possible to change the color of clipart. It also allows the user to turn the graphic into a black and white line drawing. This will use less ink and provide a clearer image for the worksheet. The image option is found in Google Docs, Drawings, and Slides

Image Options