Yes! You Can Do a Google Voice Search!

Nothing bothers me more than hearing this said, “He/she can’t spell so how can they do research?” In this digital society it is no longer a problem if one can’t spell or write. Thanks to “Text to Speech” and “Speech to Text” Browser Extensions & APPS.

Google has also made this easy when using the Chrome browser to do a search. Simple  put the Google Search address into the omnibus . If you never heard of the term “Omnibus” this is what Google calls the Chrome search window.  When the Google Search page is open simply click on the Microphone to activate.

Watch the below video to see and hear what happens…

Ten Reasons for Integrating Old Smartphones

IPhone4SiPhone4.pngCC BY-SA 3.0 Zach.vega1

Are you puzzled by this title? Thinking why would a school want old Smartphones? There are many ways a school or teacher can use these devices for supporting academics. Oddly enough one doesn’t generally see requests for old Smartphones.  Would you like to know how to integrate a Smartphone in classrooms to benefit student learning?

Ten Reasons for Integrating Old Smartphones

    1. A research tool which doesn’t take up much desktop space
      1. Use with Google Search
      2. Use the dictionary
      3. Quick Thesaurus
      4. Provides a Calculator
    2. Use Google Slides to isolate step by step directions
    3. Provide extra visuals supports for students
    4. Use as a response device to collect “Poll Like Answers”
      1. Use with Google Forms
      2. Use with Answer Garden
      3. Use with Survey Monkey
      4. Use with Polls Anywhere
    5. Use as assessment tool
      1. Use with Ed Puzzle
      2. Use with Quizlet
      3. Use with Spelling City
    6. Share differentiated articles for students
      1. Students fit into the classroom
        1. Only they know what they’re reading
          1. NewsELA
    7. Provides auditory  support for the lower reader
    8. Students can use graphic organizer APPS
      1. Such as:
        1. MIND MASH
    9. Provides Math Practice APPS
      1. Such as:
        1. Rocket Math
        2. Math Game Brain Trainer
    10. Take your students on a virtual reality tour
      1. Using Google Cardboard
        1. Supports Authentic learning experience
          1. Use Google Expeditions


Students NO NEED to Stress Over Citing RESEARCH

Thank you Google for making life easier for students when doing research.   I recommend using a Google Doc to do Student Research Projects. Why Google Docs? Google has simplified the whole research process with the Google Doc “Built in Research Tool!” What would you do to have a dictionary, encyclopedia, clipart and scholars information and etc… all in one place? This is what Google does for the researcher and a whole lot more! Plus the Google Research Tool will Cite all the information within the Google Doc.


This Creates an Environment where the student no longer pushes off the grueling  time consuming task of citing their works! 

citing made easy.gif


Google Supports Autonomous Student Research

When it comes to students doing research Google Docs is one of the best tools around. Google Docs has many hidden features for supporting all different learning styles. It offers voice typing for the student who has difficulty expressing themselves with pen & paper. Another feature I really like is the Research Tool! This allows the student to do research right within the document without having to open a million browser tabs or windows.

The research tool provides the student with the ability to simply drag diagrams, clipart, and links right into a document. The student can easily cite resources in several different formats: MLA, Chicago and APA.

No need to worry about image usage rights when the researcher selects, “Free to use, share or modify even commercially” in the filter image results section of the Research Tool. The Google Docs Research Tool supports research by minimizing frustration to create a report which respects the owners rights.

Google Docs Research Tool Introduction

Using Research Tool