Don’t Struggle… Click Help!

I’m excited about the Google Docs’ Editors (Slides, Docs, Sheets, Forms) easy access support feature! No need to struggle; go to the toolbar, and click help! In the dropdown list which opens select training. Following these steps will open the Google Workspace Learning Center. In the learning center for the individual doc’s editors, you will find sections focused on the following topics:

  1. Doc’s Editor (Slides, Sheets, Forms, Docs) Basics
  2. Cheat Sheets 
  3. Productivity Guides
  4. Tips
  5. More Resources

I view offering APP features such as the Google Workspace products Learning Center as both a timesaver and stress reliever. Following is a link providing a training listing for Google Workspace products offered in the Google Workspace Learning Center: 

Built-in tools such as the learning center is like a one-stop shopping center offering the best timesaving quality tools for reducing stress while learning how to use the product. 

Virtual Reality Opening Doors…

Photo by Eugene Capon from Pexels

Recently for a combo birthday and retirement gift, I bought an Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. I purchased it with the intent of staying physically active during a COVID winter. Winters in my area tend to be cold and snowy. During the winter months, it is not unusual to seek out indoor gyms for activities. However, this winter is very different from others due to the COVID challenge.

I’m a person over 60 and with multiple risks. Due to my risks, it only seemed natural to use virtual reality for supporting exercise during a winter of isolation. I’m finding my journey with the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset is quite beneficial for my health. Within the first few weeks of exploring exercise, dance, and sport demo APPS, healthy changes occurred. I immediately started to see a drop in blood pressure. The biggest surprise was noticing my balance and movement was flowing more freely. As a person with multiple neuro-muscular spine issues, this was exciting!

I’m an advocate for using technology supports for unleashing new possibilities for those who struggle due to physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. Virtual Reality tools may be the key to open doors for others with disabilities on their journey for a better lifestyle.

How to Move Bulleted Lists

Today on Thanksgiving, I’m finding myself grateful for the YouTube commenter who asked, “How to Move Bulleted Lists around in a Google Doc?” Sometimes when our tech skills are beyond the average user, we tend to forget simple tasks that may cause challenges for other people.

Thank you to the person who reached out to me seeking help. It provides me pleasure to lend a helping hand by sharing the directions for moving both bulleted lists and sub-bullets around in a Google Doc. I hope this saves precious time for someone.

Advanced File Sharing…Still a Google Drive File Option

Recently I had a user in one of the Google Help Communities ask, “Where did the advanced sharing settings go in a Google Drive File?” Well, they are still there! It’s just the share settings taken on a modern look. You can now locate the advanced share settings by clicking on the gear (settings) icon in the upper right of the share screen. The advanced share settings still provide the following tools:

  • Stop editors by changing sharing settings or permissions
  • Stop viewers and commenters from downloading, printing, and copying

All you have to do is uncheck the box to the feature tool you’d like to block. 

Spammers Using Comment Mentions…Now What???

In both the Google Drive & Docs Help Communities, there is a surge of users complaining about receiving mention notifications. Some spammers are using Google Slides Comments notification to send spam files to GMAIL users. I’ve never understood why there are people who misuse technology to harm or play games with other people. It’s my goal with this post to help Google users learn why this happens and how to protect themselves.

The following are some best practice tips for preventing spammers from obtaining personal email addresses. Unfortunately, spammers have multiple methods for obtaining emails and creating lists to use for spamming purposes. The email lists are not limited to capturing GMAIL addresses. However, this post will focus on GMAIL due to the way the Spammers are using Google Drive Files for spamming & phishing purposes.  

It is sad there are malicious people on the internet looking to cause trouble. You may protect yourself by thinking twice before sharing your email address with third parties. Email lists are sometimes generated when you sign up at websites, online newsletters, online contests, Extensions, and etc…

Kindly see the following resource for some tips on how to protect yourself: 5 Simple Ways You Can Fight Spam and Protect Yourself

  • Never give out or post your email address publicly
  • Think before you click
  • Do not reply to spam messages
  • Download spam filtering tools and anti-virus software
  • Avoid using your personal or business email address

In the meantime, I do suggest reporting the abuse to the Google Drive Team.

  • Tap 3 vertical dots
  • Select Send Feedback
  • Type as many details as possible
  • Tap Send

NOTE: Reporting abuse will help provide the data Google needs to collect for deleting the file and possibly closing the SPAMMERS account.

In the Google Drive mobile APP there is a Notification Settings which you may use to protect yourself from receiving further SPAM

  • Tap Settings (3 horizontal bars)
  • Select Settings
  • Tap Notifications
  • Select Toggle Off All Notifications

NOTE: You may also toggle off receiving comments and share notification from specific email addresses. Turning off notifications doesn’t stop the spammers but does save you from being bombarded by unwanted notifications.

Hope these tips and suggestions are helpful with minimizing the effects of the comment notification spammers.