Using Vocaroo to Share Voice Comments

Vocaroo is an easy way to create and download voice recordings and when its smashed with Google Drive it can become one power tool!!! When using Vocaroo as a voice recorder I prefer to download the sound files into Google Drive. Vocaroo allows the user to download voice recording as MP3, Ogg, FLAC, or WAV files. The files may be shared with individual people or by URL’s pasted into a document’s comment area.

This can unlock doors for both the teacher and students. A teacher correcting a Google Doc may link a Vocaroo voice Recording from their Google Drive into the comment area of a Google Doc. A student with small motor issues or limited writing skills may express their content knowledge via a Vocaroo MP3 file shared with their teacher. It is an easy way to integrate technology for supporting many different needs. Please watch the following YouTube Tutorial to learn more about smashing Vocaroo with Google Drive and Docs.

Journaling with MyMaps

This activity will help provide basic steps for journaling about real events. Google My Maps will support the students with the ability to map their personal adventure. If they map a real walking adventure and the weather permits the class can go on the hike. Before the real hike begins the students can add up the mileage provided by the lines between the destination points. This will help them with internalizing the actual distance unit they will walk.

They can also have fun by capturing photos from the walking adventure and adding the images to the Google My Map. When adding the new image to the map the student is responsible for creating a title and summary about the image.  When writing the summary they can answer questions such as:

  • Why did they take the photo?
  • What is the image of?
  • How did the object get there?

Create a Journal with Google MyMaps 

Add Images to Calendar Event Titles

I’m a visual learner and like when images are used to compliment words. This lead me to discovering a way for adding images to Google Calendar event titles as well as within the events description. You will be amazed by this simple and easy to use method for adding images to the web browser version of Google Calendar.  Using images in a calendar can be valuable to students who may struggle with reading. Teachers may use a visual calendar to support students with learning a daily schedule.

How to Insert an Image Into a

Google Calendar Event

  1. Open an emoticon website such as Twitter Symbols
  2. Copy an emoticon Image
  3. Paste the Image into a Google Calendar Event Title or Description

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.00.13 AM 1Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.19.01 PM

Some Ideas how for using images in a Google Calendar

  • Visuals such as this can aide students on the spectrum with following their daily tasks.
  • Google Calendar can be used to create a behavior support calendar.
    • Have students add smiles or frowns throughout the day to log their reaction to daily activities.
  • An elementary classroom may use a Google Calendar to Keep track of the weather.
  • Share a project or Homework Calendar with images.


Annotating Slides Presentations Oh My!

After reading the following statement in the Google Doc’s forum I immediately jumped upon finding a way to do what was being asked. A teacher stated, “I use google slides to present my lessons at school but at the moment, I can only use my magic whiteboard smart pen with powerpoint.”  “Is there anyway to be able to mark the slides, with a smart pen, when it’s in presentation mode/ rather than have to download it?”
I have discovered two work-arounds to use which will allow you to annotate over a Google Slide when in Presentation mode.
  1. Use the New Google Sites and embed the Google Slide into a website. Click the Google Sites Preview Button (looks like an eyeball). This will put the website into presentation mode.
  2. Publish Google Slides to the web. One Tip the user will need to edit the “Time” in the published URL or the presentation will auto advance.  Please see the INSTRUCTIONS below for Editing the URL.
Both of these methods will allow you to use an Interactive Whiteboard pen to annotate over the Google Slide Presentation.


  • You can use the Web Paint Chrome Extension to annotate over the presentation.
  • Web Paint provides a feature to take screenshots of the annotated presentation. This will allow the teacher to save the annotated content.

Edit Published Slides Auto Advance Time

After Publishing the Google Slide delete the number which appears after the equal sign at the end of the URL. Replace the number with a Zero.

This to this

To the Moon with Google Slides…

Phases of the moon.gif

Google Slides is one of the many “Magical Tools” embedded into GSuites for Education. It is a versatile tool and often carries the “Stigma” of being a presentation tool.  The last few years I’ve discovered a myriad of ways to incorporate slides for supporting students of all learning abilities. Sharing slides in “Edit Mode” provides students the opportunity to use Google Slides as interactive and Collaborative Activities. Activities such as my “Phases of the Moon” Google Slides Interactive support students with independently learning content and internalizing the information through the use of several methods.

Below is a video explaining how to use the Phases of the Moon Google Slides.

Please click here to make a copy of this template

How does this Google Slides Activity Benefit Students?

  • Supports independent learning
    • Via Independent Research
    • Repetitive Practice
  • Supports critical thinking skills
  • Provides an opportunity to create
  • Can support Collaboration and Communication
    • Depending if used as group or individual activity

Graphing using Slides & Chrome Extensions

Recently I discovered the Web Paint Chrome Extension and absolutely fell in love with the annotating feature! This allows the user to easily annotate over any browser based webpage.  Immediately I thought of a way to apply this to math. Graphing coordinates seems so much easier when one can use a stylus, finger or touchpad to place a dot where the x and y axis intersect.
  1. Add a Graph paper background to a Google Slides
  2. Annotate over the slide by using the tools provided in the web paint extension
  3. Use the Save to Drive extension to take a screenshot and auto-save the work to the student’s Google Drive.

Control Your Extensions…

I love the “Power” extensions and add-ons provide to a browser. Extensions provide a quick way to access helpful pieces of programs. A perfect example of a useful extension is “Save to Drive” this allows the user to save images of websites directly to the “Web Browser” Version of Google Drive. This is a helpful tool for students and researchers to use especially if they have limited internet connections because it allows them to save websites as images. Unfortunately sometimes third-party extensions can cause glitches to happen when interacting with other extensions and programs on the device. This is why I like using the Chrome Browser because it makes it easy to “Control Extensions”.

How to Control Chrome Extensions

It is easy to access Extensions from within the settings area of the Chrome Browser. This will allow you turn the extensions on and off as needed. I like leaving most of my extensions off except a few which might be used on a regular basis. When glitches occur it I can turn off the extensions one at a time to figure out which one has gone erratic.

Just follow these simple steps to turn extensions on and off:

  1. Click the Chrome Browser’s Settings 
  2. Scroll Down to More Tools
  3. Click Extensions
  4. Scroll Down List of Extensions
    • Check “Enable” to Turn On
    • Uncheck “Enable” to Turn Off
    • Click “Trash Can” to Uninstall

Chrome Extensions.gif

NOTE: When the Extensions appear grayed out it is due to being disabled.

It is really easy to maintain and control ones extension through the Chrome Browser. This will help with preventing some of those unexpended glitches such as:

  • My page doesn’t load
  • I can’t see the button to…
  • Nothing works when I click…

Sure hope this helps you resolve some of those unexpected future glitches.