Tips for Success: Attaching Files to Google Classroom…

One tip before attaching an image or file to a Google Classroom assignment is to name or rename it. Give the image or file a name in which the teacher or a colleague will be able to identify your project. Don’t forget to use your first name, last name first initial, and the assignment’s or project’s name in the image title. Note personalizing a file’s title prevents it from being lost in a teacher’s or colleagues Google Classroom Google Drive folder. 

How to Name a File

Attaching an Image file to a 
Google Classroom Assignment.

Laptop or Chromebook Directions

Tablet, iPad, Smartphone Directions

Tips for Success

 Tablet, iPad, Smartphone

  • Close all open APPS
  • Try using a home wireless network connection
  • Ask family member not to:
    • Stream movies or music
    • Play online games
    • Upload or download files

 Laptop or Chromebook

  • Use one Internet Browser
    • Close all extra Internet Browsers
  • Close all extra open browser tabs
  • Try using a home wireless network connection
  • Ask family member not to:
    • Stream movies or music
    • Play online games
    • Upload or download files

Covid-19 Internet Challenges

Last week due to COVID-19 along with the influx of schools & businesses onto the internet connectivity problems starting popping up. Challenges such as video processing, uploaded images disappearing, and intermittent internet connections occurred. Over the last two days, video chat meetings started freezing for me.  

Today I ran an experiment to understand the issue and to provide helpful workarounds. The following list is of tips that seemed to help my connectivity issues. 

  • Use one Internet browser at a time
  • Close all extra Internet browser tabs
  • Use one device at a time on your home wifi network
    • Examples of devices
      • Smartphones
      • Extra laptops
      • Extra tablet & iPads
      • Smart TV
      • Smart Assistants
        • Alexa
        • Google Home
        • Google Home Mini
  • Try a different hour of the day to do your work

Sure hope these tips work for you! They worked like a charm for me.

Classroom Assignment Notification Big Timesaver!!!

It is not unusual to hear teachers & students complain about a massive amount of notification Emails flooding their inbox. Students may find Google Classroom assignment notifications to be helpful. A Google Classroom Email notification guides the student directly to an assignment.

There is no need for a Special Education or younger student to enter from a Google Classroom Course card. Navigating past the stream and through the classroom tab may be overwhelming for these students. The following video demonstrates how easy it is to open a Google Assignment from a notification Email.

Practical & Simple Technology Application

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Yesterday I was impressed when my physical therapist asked, “Do you have a smartphone in your bag?” These words were followed by, “Can I use the camera to take a video of you?” The physical therapist recorded me working through my newest exercise guided by her step by step verbal directions. What a helpful idea it was to use a video for guiding this old brain with remembering each step. Sometimes the most simple technology application is the most supportive one to use.

News Right Under your Fingertips…

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Over the last handful of years, my focus on television news isn’t what it used to be. Recently I discovered the Morning Brew newsletters. The newsletter is delivered to my email inbox every day. These newsletters are quick and easy to read. I love the convenience and how the Morning Brew helps me stay on top of the latest world news.

In this quick access world, it is beneficial to the many different learning styles to have a light and easy to read newsletter. It helps to keep the reader on top of the latest global happenings. As an older adult with a shorter attention span, I can certainly attest to this. Tools such as the Morning Brew Newsletter may be helpful to both the young and old. I recommend the next time you sit down to a cup of coffee to read the Morning Brew. It truly only takes minutes to stay on top of the latest world happenings.