Using Google Slides to Provide Visuals Cues

The world is made up of all different people with a variety of needs. Some students may respond better to visual cues versus auditory. The visual learner may respond in unexpected ways when auditory overload occurs. One way to support the  student with successfully completing a task is with visuals supports provide by using a Google Slide Deck.

The Google Slides can be presented to the student through the use of a tablet.  The Special Education Teacher, or Teaching Assistant prepares a slide deck for the student to scroll through independently for following directions to complete tasks presented by the Classroom Teacher.



I Can Read Clearly Now…

Wow it is amazing how much easier it is to focus upon reading when there is less clutter surrounding the web article. This is what the Clearly Chrome Ext. provides for the reader. I can see how the extension would support both students and adults who have trouble focusing due to distractions.

The Clearly APP sits in the right hand corner of the web browser.


All you have to do is click the Clearly Icon, and like magic the distractions disappear.  



Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 6.24.51 AM


Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 6.25.19 AM

According to the APP Store Clearly Articles can be saved in Evernote. Here is a trick on how you can save the article as a PDF. Click Print and then Save as PDF. This will allow you to save a PDF to your computer. The PDF article can be uploaded to your Google Drive for future use.

EXTRA BONUS: A text to speech reader can focus on the content of the article when it can skip over the need to read ads and etc…