Use a Spreadsheet to Help Students Hone Sorting Skills

Yes! It’s important to understand the process of alphabetizing. If a student is struggling with alphabetizing it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t know how to alphabetize. Putting items in order can sometimes prevent students from completing a main objective presented by multiple step directions. Why stress the student who struggles when there is another choice they can use to complete the task?

Google Sheets has become my new support tool to teach my students how to use. Instead of taking the time to alphabetize by hand have the student enter the data into a sheet. Then highlight the column and choose the data tool. In the data tool there are several different sort options. The student will pick the option which best represents their needs.

Next time you have a student struggling with sorting a list try this out. You may be surprised when the student completes all the tasks presented to them to be completed in a classroom lesson.

Alphabetize Google Sheets