Annotating Slides Presentations Oh My!

After reading the following statement in the Google Doc’s forum I immediately jumped upon finding a way to do what was being asked. A teacher stated, “I use google slides to present my lessons at school but at the moment, I can only use my magic whiteboard smart pen with powerpoint.”  “Is there anyway to be able to mark the slides, with a smart pen, when it’s in presentation mode/ rather than have to download it?”
I have discovered two work-arounds to use which will allow you to annotate over a Google Slide when in Presentation mode.
  1. Use the New Google Sites and embed the Google Slide into a website. Click the Google Sites Preview Button (looks like an eyeball). This will put the website into presentation mode.
  2. Publish Google Slides to the web. One Tip the user will need to edit the “Time” in the published URL or the presentation will auto advance.  Please see the INSTRUCTIONS below for Editing the URL.
Both of these methods will allow you to use an Interactive Whiteboard pen to annotate over the Google Slide Presentation.


  • You can use the Web Paint Chrome Extension to annotate over the presentation.
  • Web Paint provides a feature to take screenshots of the annotated presentation. This will allow the teacher to save the annotated content.

Edit Published Slides Auto Advance Time

After Publishing the Google Slide delete the number which appears after the equal sign at the end of the URL. Replace the number with a Zero.

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