Truth About Old Posts…

CC0 License by Pixelkult

I’m a guilty blogger who provides mixed information because of Old Posts which become obsolete. Bloggers unintentionally fill the internet with virtual trash. I do believe this is one good reason why critical thinking needs to be used for researching the internet. It was the comments of strangers which bought my attention to some old directions on my blog. After having the obsolete information pointed out I wonder should it be removed?

After pondering on the old obsolete information, I decided not to delete the posts. Instead, I view this as a teachable moment to point out how important it is to use ones critical thinking skills when reading blog posts. Blog posts tend to be dated and chronological. A good researcher would look at dates as well as a topic when determining the value of the information. My message provides one practical reason for supporting using both critical thinking and digital citizenship skills when reading blog posts.

Student Blogging Challenge Mentor…


Just received confirmation that I was accepted as a Blogging Mentor for the 2017 Student Blogging Challenge. ¬†My first four students I’m mentoring are 10 years old and from Vietnam. This is my first time mentoring students in a global capacity. I’m looking forward to reading the students posts and helping them grow as a blog author. The very first blog post the students wrote was about their “Favorite Food.”

After reading their posts I realized this is going to be a learning experience for me as well as the children. It hit me by surprise to learn the students from Vietnam enjoy the same foods eaten here in America. I can’t wait to read more posts by these young students while helping them grow as both writers and creators. It’s inspirational to be part of ¬†this group of educators who are using blogs to expand upon students writing, reading, and digital citizenship skills.