Using Google Sheets to Create Vocabulary Activity

I developed an idea using spreadsheets in conjunction with the Flippity Flashcards mentioned in my prior post. Students will start the lesson by using the Flippity Flashcards to practice the vocabulary words. Afterwards students will have the opportunity to practice the vocabulary words using an interactive spreadsheet question & answer bank. When the answer is correct the thinking smiley face will change to a smiley face.


Use this link to copy as a template

Vocabulary Google sheet activity

Why Use A Vocabulary Activity Made with Google Sheets

  1. Provides students with multiple ways to learn the vocabulary
  2. Can be used as an assessment
    1. Student will logon with their own Gmail name
    2. Teacher can assess student’s activity by using the revision history
  3. Provides multiple opportunities for student to achieve 100% Success
    1. Student can refer back to Flipplity Flashcards to find the answer
    2. Student keeps trying different answers from the word bank until smiley face appears
  4. Students can use independently to learn vocabulary
  5. Teacher can use the activity with the classroom
    1. Get students out of their seats to flip and read the vocabulary flashcards out loud
    2. Have students to come up to an interactive whiteboard to type the answers

Post will follow soon with instruction on how to create your own Google Spreadsheet Vocabulary Activity

Creating Flashcards Using Google Sheet Template

Today during an Ed Tech Professional Development workshop I created a flashcard. You wouldn’t believe how simple this was to do using a Google Sheet Template supplied by the Flippity Website. This is what the flashcards looked like once published to the internet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.48.39 PM

I like how provides several different tools once the vocabulary list is published to the internet.


This view provides a listing of the vocabulary words along with the definition

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.48.57 PM


Print quiz option creates assessments from the vocabulary information entered into a Google Spreadsheet

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.49.12 PM


flippy copy template

  • Edit the Flippity Google Spreadsheet

flippy edit

  • Publish Spreadsheet to the web ~ copy the link
  • Paste the link into the second sheet of the spreadsheet

Flippity step 1 2

  • A link for the Flippity Flashcards will be generated for sharing

Flippity link

Let the Creative Juices Flow with Peanuts!

Unleash your student’s authoring talent by letting them create a customized Peanut’s Avatar scene. The students first start by creating a character’s physical features, expressional emotion, and finish with selecting a fashion style. Once the character is complete the student picks a scene to place their character in. I see this as a springboard for creative writing.

The Peanutize Me website allows the user to download the picture or an avatar profile which can be  inserted into a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, Blogger Blog, or Google Website. These are all tools the student can use to explore creative story writing.

STEP 1: Creating a Differentiated Google Forms Assessment

Okay so I couldn’t wait for the Differentiated Assessment to be finished before sharing. STEP 1 is only one tiny baby step and I promise STEP 2 will WOW you!  In STEP 1 a Google Forms is used to create the assessment. The trick used in this step is the adding of multiple Google Forms pages. This way each question appears on a page by itself. Hopefully this will lessen some anxieties towards testing.

Recently I took an on-line test and found it so much easier to focus on answering the question when presented on individual pages. When multiple questions appear on a page it can be distracting. This is because it compels the test taker  to read them instead of focusing on answering one question at a time. It is so much easier to focus on answering a question when it is isolated. Another beneficial modification in STEP 1 is the addition of visuals. The visuals tend to be in color making it much easier for the student to recognize the fine details.

Directions for Creating Individual Pages in a Google Forms 

  1. Open Google Forms
  2. In the Tool Bar Click on INSERT
  3. Scroll down to Page Break and Click

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.43.20 PM

If you are successful this is what the Google Forms Assessment will look like.

G-Form 1page per question

Students Create Animated Vocabulary Cards with Google Slides

Okay I admit to being a wee bit “Over the Hill” and growing up using those boring rote memorization flash cards. These days there are so many other avenues one can take to support the learning of vocabulary. I like having fun and know the kids do too! Google Slides presents an opportunity for the students to play and be creative while making a vocabulary study tool. Here is a simple animation idea which supports both the students critical thinking skills along with having “Good Old Fashion Fun Creating!”



  • The students are provided with a vocabulary word and definition
  • They need to find an image to represent the meaning of the vocabulary word
  • The student creates a slide presentation
    • Must include stop animation motion
    • No more than one slide animation action
  • Limit the amount of slides used
    • Not less than 5
    • No more than 7
  • Students can work on one big slide presentation with slides assigned to them
    • Work in smaller groups
    • Small group slides can be combined into one big presentation
    • This will provide a shared study resource for all the students


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.31.21 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.31.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.32.00 PM