Use the Pixlr Editor Magic Wand…

Have you ever inserted an image into a presentation only to discover the solid white background of the image clashes with the design layout. Did you know  it is possible to remove the white background from the image? I like using the Pixlr Editor Chrome APP for removing the background and saving the image as a png. A png image allows the background to remain as a transparency.


Please follow these steps to remove an images’ background using the Pixlr Editor.
  1. Open
  2. Click Create a New Image
  3. Type a File Name
  4. Check Transparent
  5. Clicl File
  6. Select Open Image URL
  7. Paste Image URL in Space
  8. Click OK
  9. Use Select Tool
  10. Drag to Select Entire Image
  11. Click Edit
  12. Select Copy
  13. Click the Birds File
  14. Click Edit
  15. Select Paste
  16. Click Edit
  17. Select Free Transform
  18. Drag Image to Size
  19. Click Yes to Apply Changes
  20. Select the Magic Wand (Transparency Tool)
  21. Click the White Background
  22. Select Edit
  23. Click Cut
  24. Select File
  25. Click Save
  26. Under Format Use Dropdown Arrow to Select PNG
  27. Select My Computer
  28. Click OK
  29. Select a File Location
  30. Click Save

Google APP Launcher: Oh MY!

Google APP Launcher.png

Google recently shared the APP Launcher will no longer be available for Windows, Mac or Linux systems. No Fear! Users will still have the available to access and collect Google APPS in a “User Friendly Manner”.

Chrome APP Access.gif

Users can also access Google Chrome APPS within the Chrome Bookmark Bar.  The Bookmark Bar must be on to use this feature for accessing APPS.  If the Google APPS Launcher Icon  doesn’t appear in the bookmark bar just right click anywhere and click “Show APPS Shortcut”.

Turn on Chrome Bookmark Bar

  1. Open the Chrome Browser
  2. Click the Chrome Menu Icon Menu
  3. Scroll down to Bookmark
  4. Select Show Bookmarks Bar

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.31.44 PM

If you would like to read more about this please Click here:

Chrome Help Center