Control Your Extensions…

I love the “Power” extensions and add-ons provide to a browser. Extensions provide a quick way to access helpful pieces of programs. A perfect example of a useful extension is “Save to Drive” this allows the user to save images of websites directly to the “Web Browser” Version of Google Drive. This is a helpful tool for students and researchers to use especially if they have limited internet connections because it allows them to save websites as images. Unfortunately sometimes third-party extensions can cause glitches to happen when interacting with other extensions and programs on the device. This is why I like using the Chrome Browser because it makes it easy to “Control Extensions”.

How to Control Chrome Extensions

It is easy to access Extensions from within the settings area of the Chrome Browser. This will allow you turn the extensions on and off as needed. I like leaving most of my extensions off except a few which might be used on a regular basis. When glitches occur it I can turn off the extensions one at a time to figure out which one has gone erratic.

Just follow these simple steps to turn extensions on and off:

  1. Click the Chrome Browser’s Settings 
  2. Scroll Down to More Tools
  3. Click Extensions
  4. Scroll Down List of Extensions
    • Check “Enable” to Turn On
    • Uncheck “Enable” to Turn Off
    • Click “Trash Can” to Uninstall

Chrome Extensions.gif

NOTE: When the Extensions appear grayed out it is due to being disabled.

It is really easy to maintain and control ones extension through the Chrome Browser. This will help with preventing some of those unexpended glitches such as:

  • My page doesn’t load
  • I can’t see the button to…
  • Nothing works when I click…

Sure hope this helps you resolve some of those unexpected future glitches.

Chrome Remote Provides Mobility to Teacher

Untitled drawing-6.jpg

My latest discovery is The Chrome Remote Desktop APP and the magical power it has to provide the teacher with mobility and still interact with an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). You may ask, “Why would I want to do this?” Here’s my answer with another question: “When you turn your back to the students for the purpose of writing on the IWB does chatter occur in the classroom?” You may say, “NO”, but I know better. My position as a K-12 Teaching Assistant often places me in locations towards the back of the classroom where I observe all which happens.

The back of the room can place a whole new perspective on what a teacher observes. It is easy to view what students are doing when a teacher untethers themselves from the front of a classroom. Chrome Remote is an excellent tool to untether a teacher from the desktop or laptop controlling the IWB. It provides the ability for the teacher to roam the room and still control what happens on that big screen in front of the room.

How Does a Teacher Use Chrome Remote

  1. Install the APP on the Interactive Whiteboard Desktop or Laptop
  2. Install the APP on a mobile device
  3. Follow installation directions to connect the devices
  4. When finished the desktop/laptop screen appears on the mobile device
    • Teacher uses the mobile device to interact with IWB
      • Mobile device replaces the pen/or desktop/laptop
      • If in front of the room one can still use the pen

Benefits for Using Chrome Remote

Teacher Perspective:

  1. Provides the freedom for the teacher to walk around the room
  2. Teacher can interact with whiteboard from any location in classroom
  3. Ability to see what is on every desktop
  4. Makes classroom management easier
    • Students take less chances with stretching classroom rules
  5. Supports students mobile device use in the classroom
    • More opportunities to see the students screen
      • Lessens opportunities for  roaming to other websites
      • Supports more individualized support
        • Teacher sees immediate need for redirection
    • Lessens student opportunities for text messaging
  6. Teacher can share the tablet with students
    • Students interact with Interactive Whiteboard from their seats
      • Provides more opportunities for student interaction
        • Less time wasted by getting out of seats
      • Student can  still be asked to go up to the IWB to interact
        • Supports students with high energy levels

Student Perspective:

  1. Student views teacher as a facilitator vs. dictator
  2. Students respond well to individual help opportunities
  3. Easier to focus on classroom activities
    • Less distraction
  4. Students engaged to participate
  5. Directions seem easier to follow
  6. Students feel safe
  7. Esteems are boost
    • Less misdirected peer pressure


Easily Save Google Image Search In Google Drive

This is another one of those Timesaving Tricks” from Google. First you must log into the Chrome Browser and Google Drive. This will allow you to save the Omnibox Image search directly into your Google Drive. You can learn more about how to do this in the following video. The video also demonstrates how to choose a higher quality image.