Unenroll from Google Classroom Course…

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Well it’s that time of the year and the course you were enrolled in just ended. You just enrolled in new courses and are overwhelmed with all the course tiles on the Google Classroom page. No sweat! All you have to do is unenroll from the Google Classroom Course. So now you are afraid of losing all the work submitted for the course. Still not a problem because Google Classroom creates a folder in your Google Drive to house all the course assignments. The steps to delete the course tile from the Google Classroom listing is really easy to follow once the semester ends.

Unenroll from Google Classroom Course

  • Go to classroom.google.com.
  • On the class card, click More (3 vertical dots) select Unenroll.
  • In pop-out window, click Unenroll.

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Using Google Art Project Chrome Extension

Thanks to yesterday’s Superintendent Conference Day I discovered the “Google Art Project” Chrome Extension. Immediately I saw another application beyond the value of learning about art. I like the idea of opening a new browser and seeing a full screen of artwork. This is a valuable tool for any teacher, teaching assistant or administrator.

The Google Art Project Extension provides a way for teachers to safely open their browser in front of students and to easily navigate to public or nonconfidential areas within their Google Account.  When working in a field where confidentiality is considered to be of utmost importance a simple tool like this can be of great value!

Google Art Project Extension.gif