Spammers Using Comment Mentions…Now What???

In both the Google Drive & Docs Help Communities, there is a surge of users complaining about receiving mention notifications. Some spammers are using Google Slides Comments notification to send spam files to GMAIL users. I’ve never understood why there are people who misuse technology to harm or play games with other people. It’s my goal with this post to help Google users learn why this happens and how to protect themselves.

The following are some best practice tips for preventing spammers from obtaining personal email addresses. Unfortunately, spammers have multiple methods for obtaining emails and creating lists to use for spamming purposes. The email lists are not limited to capturing GMAIL addresses. However, this post will focus on GMAIL due to the way the Spammers are using Google Drive Files for spamming & phishing purposes.  

It is sad there are malicious people on the internet looking to cause trouble. You may protect yourself by thinking twice before sharing your email address with third parties. Email lists are sometimes generated when you sign up at websites, online newsletters, online contests, Extensions, and etc…

Kindly see the following resource for some tips on how to protect yourself: 5 Simple Ways You Can Fight Spam and Protect Yourself

  • Never give out or post your email address publicly
  • Think before you click
  • Do not reply to spam messages
  • Download spam filtering tools and anti-virus software
  • Avoid using your personal or business email address

In the meantime, I do suggest reporting the abuse to the Google Drive Team.

  • Tap 3 vertical dots
  • Select Send Feedback
  • Type as many details as possible
  • Tap Send

NOTE: Reporting abuse will help provide the data Google needs to collect for deleting the file and possibly closing the SPAMMERS account.

In the Google Drive mobile APP there is a Notification Settings which you may use to protect yourself from receiving further SPAM

  • Tap Settings (3 horizontal bars)
  • Select Settings
  • Tap Notifications
  • Select Toggle Off All Notifications

NOTE: You may also toggle off receiving comments and share notification from specific email addresses. Turning off notifications doesn’t stop the spammers but does save you from being bombarded by unwanted notifications.

Hope these tips and suggestions are helpful with minimizing the effects of the comment notification spammers.

Adding Emoticons to Google Slides Comments

Emoticons in Google Comments

Sometimes young and adolescent students respond best to visuals along with simple text. This is why adding emoticons may be useful when making helpful comments on students Google Slides, Docs, Drawings and etc… It is amazing the difference a simple thumbs up or smiley face may make when a student views a comment from a teacher or teaching assistant. Using “Chatspeak” or “Text-Speak” are two different methods young people of today use when digitally communicating with each other. It is this reason why using an emoticons or text-speak for a comment makes sense. You might find a young person may respond to this form of communicating much faster than a long windy comment.

Please note the following tips for adding emoticons to a comment on a Google Doc, Slides, Drawings, or etc… In a Google Doc, Slide, Drawings, Sheet Comment  you can’t just string together characters to form emoticons. What I do is use one of two following workarounds to add emoticons to comments. First one is to use Google’s insert character tool from within the doc, slide or etc.. Insert an emotion into the text area followed by copying and pasting into a comment. The second work-around I use is copying and pasting emoticons from the following website “Twitter Symbols”. Both methods are very easy to use and well worth the positive response you may receive from the students.