Save to Google Drive Chrome Ext~Best Invention Since the Photocopy Machine!!!

The Save to Google Drive is a Chrome Extensions which saves websites in several different formats. I like saving websites as a .png picture file because Google Drive can use OCR capabilities to turn the screen capture into text. The PNG screen capture is easy to annotate when inserted into a Google Drawing or Google Slide. This makes it possible  for the student to highlight information and type or leave audio notes to the side of the website article. If the student doesn’t have internet access at home they can download or sync to their laptop Google Drive. This will permit them to view the material without being connected to the web. The Save to Google Drive Chrome Extension is a valuable tool to use when a student does research!


  • Go to a website of choice
  • Click the Google Drive Icon
  • A window will open showing the download

Save to Google Drive Step 1

  • Download complete window
  • Choose close rename or trash

Save to Google Drive Step 2

  • Locate file in Google Drive

find file in drive

  • Open PNG with Google Doc

Convert to OCR

  • This Icon will appear until the OCR Process is Finished

ocr coverting

  • Once OCR Processing is done a document will open
  • At the top of the document will be the picture of the website
  • Scroll down until you find the text
  • The conversion isn’t perfect but it provides a clean editable version of the website

oonverted ocr file