Truth About Old Posts…

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I’m a guilty blogger who provides mixed information because of Old Posts which become obsolete. Bloggers unintentionally fill the internet with virtual trash. I do believe this is one good reason why critical thinking needs to be used for researching the internet. It was the comments of strangers which bought my attention to some old directions on my blog. After having the obsolete information pointed out I wonder should it be removed?

After pondering on the old obsolete information, I decided not to delete the posts. Instead, I view this as a teachable moment to point out how important it is to use ones critical thinking skills when reading blog posts. Blog posts tend to be dated and chronological. A good researcher would look at dates as well as a topic when determining the value of the information. My message provides one practical reason for supporting using both critical thinking and digital citizenship skills when reading blog posts.

Digital Citizenship & Androidify…

ms. d.gif

Each school year I change the avatar profile image for my school G+ account. I like using avatars versus my actual face for my teaching assistant position. My reasoning for this is I work with mostly students who are 13 years or under. I feel when using social media for communication with students and their families it is my responsibility to be a good “Digital Citizen Role Model”.  This is why this year I chose to create an Androidify Avatar likeness of myself for my school profile.

Theoretically it isn’t permissible for children 13 years or under to register for a social media account. However I suspect there are many under age children who do it anyway. I also realize the words “Social Media” are often mistaken as limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and etc… When in actuality according to the following definition from Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary social media means so much more!

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.01.10 PM

After reading an official definition I hope you come to realize Social Media may be considered as using almost any form of digital media to communicate on the world wide web. Social media formats also include and are not limited to: YouTube, Blogs, Websites, Google+, Padlet, Flipgrid, and etc… The words “Social Media” is not bad nor should it be considered a negative force. There are ways to use Social Media proactively in both education and business arenas. Due to the direction the world is heading in there may be a need for young people to learn about building and maintaining a positive digital tattoo. 

Google Drive & Gmail Sign-Out First Learned Rule

Signout of G-Account.gif

Today I was amazed while watching a middle school student sign-out of their Gmail account. Instead of clicking on the account sign-out the student clicked the red “X” in the upper left Corner of the Chrome Browser. This is not the safest way to sign out of an account. It could potentially leave the user’s account signed on. Which means the next student using the computer may have access to the prior person’s account.

Ironically today in the Google Drive Help Forum I assisted a high school student who was upset due to files and folder deleted from their account. It is really important to teach students from a young age how to sign-out of their Google Account before closing the Chrome or Internet Browser. Nurturing “Good Digital Citizenship” skills start with teaching students how to properly use digital devices.