Easy Way to Reset a #GAfE Created Interactive !

Ease of use is always a concern when it comes to students independently using educational resources. Recently I shared with a couple of colleagues how easy it is to reset a “drag and drop” manipulative by using the “Revision History” settings found in Google Slides. When one RESETS the REVISION HISTORY it save time because the user doesn’t have to drag all the pieces back into place.


  • STEP 1 ~ Option 1
    • Click File
    • Then Click Revision History (brings up Revision History List)Step 1 choice 1
  • STEP 2 ~ Option 2
    • Click last edit was (brings up Revision History List)Step 1 Choice 2
  • STEP 3 ~ Both Option 1 & 2
    • Click Revision Date of choice
      • The highlighted Dates will allow you to view each revision
        Step 2 Choice Both A
  • STEP 4 ~ Both Option 1 & 2
    • Click Restore to Revision History (resets template to the history selection
    • Step 3 Choice Both B