The Magic of Integrating Educational Technology

I’d like to thank Brian Aspinall for giving me permission to share this video: “Beyond rote learning: Brian Aspinall at TEDxChathamKent”.  After watching the video it reminded me why my passion for Educational Technology can make a difference in a student’s life. Since my very first exposure to technology it cast a magical hold upon me. This guided me into experimenting with a variety of innovative ways to integrate educational technology.

Twitter is one of the magical ed tech tools I have discovered. Thanks to Twitter I was lucky to have a chat with Mr. Aspinall after viewing the TEDx Video. The discussion lead to my acceptance that it is okay to think differently. Most of all it is important to never give up on your passions and the benefits it can provide to others. Yes! I do believe when one uses Educational Technology in both innovative and engaging manners it can make a positive difference with our student’s learning. You can learn about the magic educational technology delivers by watching Brian’s video.

Twitter Chats as a Resource

Have you ever heard a colleague say, “Twitter is silly and I don’t know why anyone would use it!” This year I’ve discovered the value of Twitter and building a PLN (Personal Learning Network). Thanks to the many professionals in my network I’m exposed to NEW Terms and Educational Technology at a faster pace. Today I learned about SmackDowns and its benefits during a Twitter #Satchat (hashtags help user easily find specific conversations).  A SmackDown is a 2 minute “Show and Tell” sharing information about websites, Tech tips or tricks, and etc… . Smackdowns presentations are often used during Ed Tech Camps. It is a way to share a variety of ideas to support the integration of educational technology in a short time period. Smackdowns can be used during a faculty meeting, team meeting, conference day and etc… to support colleagues with moving forward as everyone learns the best practices for integrating educational technology. Twitter is now in my top ten list as an Ed Tech Resource.