Got a Google??? Who Ya Gonna Call for Help…

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IMAGINE THIS SCENE: A teacher or student is struggling with creating a Google Doc, Site, slide, sheet, forms, drawings or etc…  They are not coming up the winner in this wrestling match! The teacher or student needs the work finished for the next day at school. Now what do you at 11 pm when friends or colleagues are tucked away in bed? Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Of course you have…  Yup hard to believe but I have!

Did you know Google places “HELP” links within all products? The Help Center generally is housed under the word HELP in a Doc’s Toolbar or the Settings  Icon found in Google Products.  Here you will find instructional tutorials, troubleshooting tips and links to the Google Product Help Forums. In the help forums there are both Google Employees and Top Contributor Experts ready to answer your questions. You will also notice other knowledgeable community members offering valuable information as well! 

TIP: Google Product Expert replies are always marked as such in the lower right hand corner of the thread’s post. 

Google Expert Replied Example

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Other Google Users Replied 

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Want to Learn More?

Click here to visit the Google Product Help Centers

Click here to Visit Google Product Help Forums

Don’t Stress Click Here First #GAfE

Every now and then Google has a hiccup. When this occurs I try to figure out why things just aren’t working right. It starts off where I think it’s me doing something wrong. There is no need to wrestle or waste time while trying to fix things. Instead check this link  out first to see if it is a Google Hiccup.


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If you do not find your answer then click on the support tab. This will open a dropdown list where you can access the technical support, customer forums or the Google APPS Learning Center. These three webpages could help you find the solutions to most questions. I love having the answers at my fingertips thank you Google!

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