Google Slide Color Fill Shapes and Change Outline


  • Insert a Shape

Step 1-2

  • Click Fill Color Icon in Tool Bar

Step 2-3

  • Then Choose the Line Color Icon

Step 3-2

  • Followed by Clicking the Line Weight Icon

Step 4-2

Google Sheets Tip: Is the Sentence Blocked by Neighboring Cells?

Today I was reading a Google Sheet which was shared with me as view only. It drove me crazy because neighboring cells blocked what I was trying to read. There is a simple fix for this but it was impossible for me to do because I didn’t have editing rights. I found a round about way to view the information. Luckily in view only one can still copy and paste information. I copied the cell to a Google Doc and it let me view the hidden text.

When working with Google Sheets this is what one has to do for preventing text from being hidden by neighboring a cells. Use the text wrapping tool. Click on text wrapping in the dropdown click on the wrap tool (sideway’s U).

G-Sheets Return

Google sheets can be a valuable tool for Maintaining Student’s Agendas

Here is a list of some reasons why I feel a Google Sheet Agenda is Practical for Students and Teachers to use.
  1. Sheets can be embed into a webpage (it automatically updates with every change)
  2. It can be published as a webpage (w/Auto Updates)
  3. Double click the date column and a calendar pops up. Then double click the date to see what happens (TIMESAVER for Some Students). Just might be a motivator for the young person who likes using gadgets.
  4. Positive reinforcement for maintaining schedules. Due to my K-12 Experience I noticed many students are challenged with using hardcopy agendas to maintain their schedules. This is an important organizational skill for the child’s future.
  5. Add a speech to text APP and the student may accomplish a task they avoided in the past.
  6. The agenda can be modified for the younger student.
  7. Graphics can be added to support the visual learner.