Yes! Google APPS for Education Offers Templates!!! #GAfEtip

Today the directions for accessing Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets Templates is provided by this video. The video was created by using a screencast program and Youtube Creator. Watch future posts where I will share directions for making instructional videos. After fooling around with several methods I’ve discovered it is possible to create attractive instructional videos without having fancy software.

Easier Ways to Search for Google Drive Folders and Docs

Now with K-12 Schools back in session many educators are being exposed to using Google APPS for Education (GAfE). In the circle I travel in this question arises quite often, “Is there an easy way to find and organize files in Google Drive?” The answer is Yes!  Many teachers find it time consuming to drill down through a folder structure to find the document they’re looking for! Google is a company well known for their search engine capabilities. Knowing this the quickest way to access a document or folder is by doing a Google Drive Search. In seconds the user can generally find the document they are looking for.

Search Google Drive

SEARCH TIPS for Making the Process Easier

  1. Label files and folders with exact terminology to make it easier for finding
  2. Filter your search tips to the file type, ownership and etc…
  3. If you use a doc or folder on a regular basis then add it to your starred list
  4. Color your folders
  5. Use the drop down list to the left of Google Drive to view the folder structure
    1. Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.26.30 AM
  6. Use a Google Sheets to create an organized table of contents for your Google Drive
    1. Label each sheet by content area
    2. Link out to the folders & files in your list

Typing and Handwriting Supplemental Notes

Part of my position as a MS K-12 Teaching Assistant is maintaining supplemental notes for the students. Technology along with Google Drive has made it possible to maintain electronic notes for the students. Obviously I can take notes in Google Doc by typing. However sometimes it is necessary to draw the notes. The Google Doc tool bar allows you to insert a drawing where the scribble tool is located. If you click on the line symbol in Google Drawing a drop down list will appear. The bottom of the drop down list is where the scribble tool is housed. The scribble tool allows you to handwrite or draw on the Google Doc.

Write on Google doc

Google Docs File Extensions Explained

Google Docs is based upon the premise of file sharing and on-line collaboration. You may have noticed they still offer the opportunity to download a document for printing. Over the years I’ve heard colleagues confused about which file format to use when downloading to print or share electronically with others. Theoretically Google Docs was created to be shared without having to save it as another file extension. Below is a basic chart explaining the different file extensions. My only recommendation is if you’re downloading to print it seems the PDF extension works the best.

Google Doc File Extensions