4 Google Doc Tips to Simplify Life

Teachers and Students tend to create and curate everyday. Thank you Google for building some helpful tools into Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and Drawings. They make using Google Docs a pleasurable experience. Following is a listing of some of my favorite Google Doc Features:

  • Use Insert Equations for fractions, math symbols and etc…

math equations Google Doc.gif

  • Need a quick outline of a Google Doc
    • Click help in the Google Doc tool bar
    • Type Outline
      • Look what appears like magic

Google Doc  Outline.gif

  • Need an image?
    • Use the research tool
      • Let’s user drag image right into the doc

Google Slide Research tool images.gif

  • Need a symbol and don’t know what its called?
    • Add a Text Box
    • Click Insert Special Character
    • Draw the symbol

Google Drawing Insert Symbol.gif

Still Printing Worksheets? Use Google Drawing…

Teachers if you are still creating printalbe worksheets Google Drawing is perhaps the easiest Google APP for Education (GAfE) component to use. My preference is to go paperless and GAfE offers a variety of ways to do this depending upon the results one is looking for. However today’s focus is upon how to create “Printable Worksheets.”

When it comes to creating worksheets most teachers are drawn to starting with a Google Doc. However it isn’t an efficient way to create what I refer to as “Down and Dirty” quick worksheets for printing.  Try a Google Drawing you may find this will eliminate struggles with aligning and layering of  images, tables and etc… It is easy to place contend just where you want with a Google Drawing.

Google Drawing Create Printable Worksheets

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Click the “Red New”
  • Scroll down & click on Google Drawing
    • You may need to click on more

Google Drawing open it.gif

  • Once in Google Drawing:
    • Create custom page setup:
      • Set for 8.5 inch by 11 inch (standard paper size)

Google Drawing.png

  • Add text box for directions & questions

Drawing insert textbox.gif

  • Add images

Google Drawing Image.gif

  • File Print

Google Drawing print.gif

Creating Mind Maps with Google Drawing

Throughout a students career the focus on planning becomes a foundation to successful outcomes. One way students are taught to plan writing or a project idea is by using a Mind Map. A mind map helps the student to focus on the topic by creating a web of sub topics. Google Drawing APP is one easy way to create mind maps.

Once a student creates a Google Drawing mind map it can be inserted into a Google Doc or Slide to further grow their imagination. The student can easily scroll back to the mind map for guidance with what their writing.

How to Create a Google Drawing Mind Map

All It Takes Is 30 Minutes…

After seeing this Tweet from Karly Moura it started me thinking about the time restraints placed upon teaching.Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.13.33 PM.png

If I could whip up a creation using Google Drawing within a 30 minute time frame then why can’t students?  Nurture.jpg

Until today I never thought about Google Drawing as an assessment tool.

I have heard over the years how difficult it is to provide “FUN” learning lessons due to the demands of Common Core and etc… Perhaps an innovative creative project using Google Drawing can help remedy this and bring the “Fun” back to learning.

Google Drawing Lesson Ideas

  • Vocabulary Words
    1. Student provides a picture describe the words
    2. Vocabulary word & definition is incorporated with the image
  • Poetry
    1. Students pick out a background image
    2. Have students create a poem based upon the image
  • Create a Meme about Lesson
    1. Student will summarize the lesson
      • Picks a background image
      • Creates a witty statement
  • Math Help Cards
    1. Student types a math problem
    2. Provides images, tips or tricks to solve problem

Google Drawing Insert Image

It is easy as pie to insert an image into a Google Drawing. One of my favorite features is the option to capture a photo which is immediately inserted into the drawing. Another feature I like to use is the image options. This allows the user to easily change the image color and transparency.

Steps for Inserting Image & Image Option