Using My Maps for Inquiry Projects

It seems the most popular programs used for inquiry project presentations are Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Emaze and etc… Sometimes we overlook tools which may empower students to dive deeper into their research. One such tool is Google My Maps! Google My Maps may provide an arena for students to collaborate together as they create and share inquiry projects.

One of the beauties of using Google My Maps for creating inquiry projects is the sharing of information in one convenient place. This can be used by individual students for further exploration. Another reason why I like My Maps is it provides the student with authentic exploration tools. Thanks to the linking of Google Maps, images and 360 exploration authentic locations may be visited.

This paves a road for further travel and forming a deeper learning experience. What might “tip this lesson over the top” is including Google Expedition while using VR Glasses! Please Note if an Android compatible Chromebook is used the student may reference a Google Expeditions to explore. If the user has a Chromebook or iPad with the  Expedition APP this will let them explore 360 degree 2D experience for further inquiry investigation.

Pangea Lesson Using Google My Maps

Last week in Social Studies I watched a teacher present a lesson about Pangea. The teacher used a graphic image they had found to explain the formation of Pangea as a Supercontinent. Right away I realized by using Google My Map one could create a visual to support both the visual and kinesthetic learners understanding of how this Super Continent was formed.



  1. Supplies a visual representation
  2. Engages Students with interaction
  3. Supports critical thinking skills
  4. Provides a springboard for whole group discussion
  5. Integrates technology use
  6. Differentiates lesson
  7. Provides the Opportunity to Integrate more than one content area into the lesson
    1. Science, Social Studies and Math