Google PE Tip! Is Your Post Reply Hidden???

Jardim Peri, SP, Brazil, Close-Up Photo of Person Behind Leaves

Google PEs are Google Help Community Volunteers honored with the title of Product Expert. Some PEs may not be aware, but some rogue Diamond or Platinum PEs sometimes hide other PEs and help community users post replies. So do you want to know how to tell if a PE hid your post reply?

The PE badge level may determine if a reply was hidden by another PE. If you are a Platinum or Diamond PE the word link for unhide may appear in the upper right corner of the reply post. However, the sure proof method to test if another PE hid your post reply is to use an incognito or private browser to view the post thread. You may also sign out of your PE Google Account or a Google Employee Account for posts to appear in public view.

Public view means the way other people worldwide view the post thread. Sure hope my PE friends and help community users find this information helpful.

Please Google PE members remember to be respectful and never hide another person’s post unless they are spamming the community. It is possible all answer replies may be helpful to the Google User seeking support.