Creating a Digital Interactive Math Notebook Using Google Slides

The creation of Interactive Notebooks has become a very popular tool amongst educators. Students are sharing their ability to think independently and creatively while making study tools overflowing with academic information.

Originally the purpose of an interactive notebook was to support students with organizing and understanding the content being presented in a classroom. In a sense creating an interactive notebook is a new way of taking notes for a variety of content areas.

Being a “Tech Nerd” I took the idea of creating an Interactive Notebook to the digital level. This allowed for a group activity to create an interactive digital notebook which could be shared on a website, blog or sent via a link in an Email. Thus making the interactive notebook readily available for any student with an internet connection to practice various skills within a content area.


The above digital interactive notebook was created by using Google Slides. Google slides is a flexible digital tool for creating interactive for supporting lessons. It is also a great tool for unlocking both the critical and creative thinking skills of students in all grade levels.


Using Google Slides to Support All Learning Styles

Over the summer I posted about using Google Slides for Categorizing YouTube Videos. I never thought about the “BIG” impact this simple idea can make upon the classroom. Recently I embedded a bunch of YouTube links into a Google Slides Presentation. The YouTube videos are used by a Teacher Partner for reinforcing content presented in the classroom. After sharing the slide with the teacher I was asked, “Can this presentation be shared with the students.” My response was, “Absolutely!” This is when i realized the Youtube slide deck can be a categorized study support for students.


  1. Students find video engaging
  2. Easier for some students to retain information from songs
  3. Provides visuals to help with learning content
  4. Students retain lyrics content due to the song rhythm

Ways to Share a Youtube Google Slide Deck

  1. Share a link to Google Slide Deck via Email
  2. Embed into a website
  3. Tweet the link


Group Work is Easy with Google Slides!

Slides Import


It was interesting to watch 6th grade students collaborate on a group project. Even after being told the rules about working on their own slide they couldn’t help but mess around with a classmates slide. This is when I realized the practicality of Google slides Import slide feature.

Ones immediate reaction may be, “But Oh! This will take time!” Really it doesn’t when you think about the time saved with correcting slides because a friend moved things around without permission. Another plus is creating a less stressing project environment for everyone involved. Teacher doesn’t become tense over student not adhering to the rules. No need for students getting upset by classmates messing around with their slides.


  • In Google Slide Click on File
    • Click on import slides in the drop down list

Untitled drawing-6

  • Pick the file and click
    • Then Click Select

Untitled drawing-7

  • Choose the presentation slide
    • Click import slide

Untitled drawing-9

Sometimes All It Takes Is a Baby Step…

When designing a graphic presentation or worksheet sometimes I’m challenged by the big jumps and leaps it takes to move clipart into place. Google APPS for Education has solved this problem. All you have to do is hold the shift key down and tap a  directional scroll key to move the object in very small increments.
Shift scroll keys

Google is becoming one of my favorite tools for creating!

What a FAB Google Slide Suprise!

What a great discovery I made today while setting up my binder for today’s notes. All of a sudden the word “Layout” jumped out at me while perusing the Google Slide toolbar. It is so much more efficient to select a blank slide instead of deleting the default layout headings and etc… Google now has added a larger selection of layouts to choose from along with themes and custom templates.