Google Docs File Extensions Explained

Google Docs is based upon the premise of file sharing and on-line collaboration. You may have noticed they still offer the opportunity to download a document for printing. Over the years I’ve heard colleagues confused about which file format to use when downloading to print or share electronically with others. Theoretically Google Docs was created to be shared without having to save it as another file extension. Below is a basic chart explaining the different file extensions. My only recommendation is if you’re downloading to print it seems the PDF extension works the best.

Google Doc File Extensions

CTRL+D or CMD+D Quite Efficient!!!

Today during another Twitter shout for help I learned about using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+D (Windows) or CMD+D (MAC).  This shortcut is amazing because it eliminates the need to copy & past.  All you do is click on an image and then use the keyboard shortcut and it works like magic!!! Thank you to Jake Miller for teaching this to me!


Not Enough Time In A Day!

There never seems to be enough time in the workday and using technology differently may provide the  extra time you need! It helps to know a few timesaving shortcuts when using your Google APPS for Education Accounts.

  • When using GMAIL you can save time by having the response E-mail go directly into a label (Gmail folder).Gmail Compose Label
  • Use preview mode when doing a visual search in MY Drive
  • Preview Search
  • Publish a document or slide presentation to a website or blog. Did you know this saves time when doing updates to the doc or slide? Thanks to share settings the doc or slide automatically updates on your website or blog.
  • Publish to a website