Snow No Worries Technology Comes to the Rescue!!!

When you have multiple spine issues, technology comes in for the win on a snowy day! Did I hear you say, “What do I mean by this statement?” Well! Let me share using low tech devices such as a Snow Joe Cordless snowblower does for someone like me.

Low tech devices designed to be light and easy may provide support for the physically challenged, along with independence. Snow Joe comes with the bonus of being easy to maintain due to its battery run low tech simplistic system. Of course, the geek in me dreams about a lightweight robotic snowblower that can run on autopilot. Perhaps, someday this will come to fruition.

Using Google Slides to Provide Visuals Cues

The world is made up of all different people with a variety of needs. Some students may respond better to visual cues versus auditory. The visual learner may respond in unexpected ways when auditory overload occurs. One way to support the  student with successfully completing a task is with visuals supports provide by using a Google Slide Deck.

The Google Slides can be presented to the student through the use of a tablet.  The Special Education Teacher, or Teaching Assistant prepares a slide deck for the student to scroll through independently for following directions to complete tasks presented by the Classroom Teacher.