Three Reasons to Use Slides for Video Note-Taking

School project research is evolving due to the rapid advancement of the digital world. Recently I asked a student, “Where do you go first to look for research information?” The response was, “I look for a video on YouTube.” Coincidently the same day I noticed some new updates in Google Slides & Keep integration which may help the student become a more efficient video note taker.

The first benefit of using Google Slides to take video notes is its ability to embed YouTube videos. You may be asking, “Why is it necessary to embed the video into a slide?” Following is my 3 Simple Reasons for using Google Slides to take video notes.

  1. It limits distractions such as ads and the listing for other video choices. The videos are viewable in edit mode.
  2. Google Keep may be open alongside the slide where the video is embedded. Keep allows the students to pause and take notes while viewing the video without toggling between tabs.
  3. Student will expand upon their ideas by adding a new slide to the deck. Keep notes are easily dragged onto a slide making it easy to add details.

How to Embed a YouTube Video

  1. Open a Google Slide
  2. Click Insert
  3. Select Video
  4. Choose between “Search YouTube”, “By URL” or “From Drive”
  5. Click  Blue Select Button

Open Keep & Take Notes

  1. Click Keep Icon (Right Side of Slide Canvas)
  2. Give the Note a Title
  3. Click Take a Note


  • Click Video to Play
  • Click Pause to Stop Video

Add Keep Note to New Slide

  1. Click Slide
  2. Select New Slide
  3. In Crumb Bin Click Keep Note More Settings
  4. Select Add to Slide

Easy Google Doc Collaboration Idea

It doesn’t haven’t to be difficult to integrate Google APPS for Education (GAfE) for supporting technology integration. Sometimes a simple task like creating collaborative notes with students is sufficient. This supports meeting the varied skill levels of students. One beauty of this method is the focus remains on the main objective of the lesson and not the integration of technology.

How you ask? 

When students of all different abilities collaborate together on one Google Doc this provides an opportunity for natural differentiation to occur. This supports the students with maintaining focus on the lesson being taught.

  • A student who is visual may have a hard time writing notes from an auditory lecture.
  • Another student who is auditory may be good at creating a written outline.
  • The visual student can go back into the notes after the lecture and add diagrams or other images relating to the notes.
  • Another student may not write well and add a recorded note to the document.
  • Yet another student may like watching videos to enhance the notes.
  • The student who likes playing games may find a link to share to support the learning of the content shared during class.

What does this mean?

  • Students will learn to collaborate and work as a community.
  • They will proactively take charge of  their own learning.
    • Collaborative Class Notes provide a variety of methods for studying
  • Students are provided the opportunity to become engaged learners.
  • Esteem booster for the struggling student.
  • Students learn how to work as a community.
  • Students become independent learners.

Sample of a Collaborative Notes Using Google Docs:

Untitled drawing (20)

NOTE: The Student or Collaborator will need the Talk & Comment Chrome Extension installed to view the recorder in comment. It the extension is not installed then the collaborator will see a link to click for hearing the audio content.

Save to Google Drive Chrome Ext~Best Invention Since the Photocopy Machine!!!

The Save to Google Drive is a Chrome Extensions which saves websites in several different formats. I like saving websites as a .png picture file because Google Drive can use OCR capabilities to turn the screen capture into text. The PNG screen capture is easy to annotate when inserted into a Google Drawing or Google Slide. This makes it possible  for the student to highlight information and type or leave audio notes to the side of the website article. If the student doesn’t have internet access at home they can download or sync to their laptop Google Drive. This will permit them to view the material without being connected to the web. The Save to Google Drive Chrome Extension is a valuable tool to use when a student does research!


  • Go to a website of choice
  • Click the Google Drive Icon
  • A window will open showing the download

Save to Google Drive Step 1

  • Download complete window
  • Choose close rename or trash

Save to Google Drive Step 2

  • Locate file in Google Drive

find file in drive

  • Open PNG with Google Doc

Convert to OCR

  • This Icon will appear until the OCR Process is Finished

ocr coverting

  • Once OCR Processing is done a document will open
  • At the top of the document will be the picture of the website
  • Scroll down until you find the text
  • The conversion isn’t perfect but it provides a clean editable version of the website

oonverted ocr file

Using Google Slides to View Multiple Slides as One Sheet

After creating the Google Slides Index Cards template I became frustrated! It seemed rather cumbersome to scroll down and read each slide to determine a logical order. What I was looking for was the easiest way a student could read the cards on one screen. I knew it would be easier for the students to confirm the index research cards were in a logical order if it was on one sheet. When out of the blue it dawned on me to use the print preview. This allows the user to view the slides several times up on one page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.54.59 PM


  • Go to file
  • Scroll down to print settings and preview
  • When 1 slide without notes is clicked a dropdown list will open
  • This will give you several different choices for viewing the slides as a handout
  • Click the handout with the slides per page you prefer to view

Index cards view multiple times up