Organizing Shared with Me, Know the Basics…

Yesterday I explained the purpose of using the shared with me bin in Google Drive. Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to organize the shared with me section of Google Drive. Please check out the following short video to learn how simple it is to do.

Cleaning Google Shared with Me Drive

Recently I overheard colleagues talking about being frustrated with the “Shared with Me Drive” section of Google Drive. Teachers are generally very organized and I can understand how quickly frustration can set in with using the shared with me drive. This is because when a person first looks into this drive they see it as a “Hot Mess”.  First instinct is to try and put files into folders but this section of Google Drive will not let the user do this. This is because the Shared with Me Drive is a “Temporary Storage Area”.  After files are added from the “Shared with Me Drive” to the “My Drive” then they can be deleted. Imagine life with an empty shared drive and all the collaboration files are in one organized drive called, “Google My Drive.” It doesn’t have to be a dream! You can make this happen.