Convert PDF to Slide Presentation

Recently I was asked if there is a way to convert a PDF to a Google Slide. In answer to this question yes there is a work-around to complete this task. First step is to convert the PDF to a PowerPoint by using one of the following website converters:

Second Step is to upload the PDF to Google Drive

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 1.00.26 PM

  • Click File Upload

File upload

  • Select the PowerPoint 
  • Right Click the PPT or PPTX from within Google Drive
  • Select “Open With”
  • Click “Google Slides”

Select open click slides

PRESTO! PDF is Converted to Google Slides

This comes in handy for those sites such as Teachers pay Teachers who share themes and activities as PDF’s and PowerPoints.

Google Docs File Extensions Explained

Google Docs is based upon the premise of file sharing and on-line collaboration. You may have noticed they still offer the opportunity to download a document for printing. Over the years I’ve heard colleagues confused about which file format to use when downloading to print or share electronically with others. Theoretically Google Docs was created to be shared without having to save it as another file extension. Below is a basic chart explaining the different file extensions. My only recommendation is if you’re downloading to print it seems the PDF extension works the best.

Google Doc File Extensions