Using In the Classroom

The last day before winter break a student shared how they were manipulating photos with Microsoft Paint. My response, “There is a FREE On-line Website which works similar to Photoshop.” I shared the Pixlr website ink with the student.  This site comes in handy when I’m at  school where Adobe Photoshop isn’t  installed on my district supplied laptop. I use the Pixlr site to manipulate pictures or create original clipart. Following is a list of ideas to integrate Pixlr Editor into the classroom.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 10.54.40 AM.png

Ways to Use the Pixlr Editor In the Classroom

  1. Clipart
  2. Google Slide Backgrounds
  3. Buttons for websites
  4. Header for blogs and teacher websites
  5. Creating Timelines
  6. Make Graphic Organizers
  7. Math equations
  8. Create Mimes
  9. Avatar creator
  10. Comic strips bubbles
  11. Fancy Title graphics
  12. Create motivational quotes with a graphic background
  13. Create custom icons
  14. Create characters for a story
  15. Math Equation Cards to be used with IWB (Interactive whiteboards)