Linking Reading Log to Spreadsheet

Recently one of my blog readers requested a tutorial about linking a Google Forms Reading Log to a Spreadsheet. They explained they are a new teacher and not quite so savvy. This was a good lesson for me about simplifying my blog posts. If you are a teacher interested in creating a custom Google Forms Reading Log then the following directions are for you.

The first tutorial will explain how to create the Google Form. This will be followed by a tutorial for linking the Google Forms to a spreadsheet for collecting the student’s reading data. You will also learn how to copy a Form for making it possible to build a spreadsheet which includes a tab for each individual student’s data. This may provide individualized longitudinal data supporting the readers growth. It is possible to import group data onto a separate sheet for further study.

Beyond collecting data using a Forms & Sheets Reading log becomes a timesaver for teachers. It puts all the information in one single place making it easier for accessing the information.

Creating a Google Forms Reading Log

NOTE: You will need to make multiple copies of the Form. One Form per Student because this is the only way to link individual student sheets to One Spreadsheet.

Linking a Sheet to Create a Spreadsheet


NOTE: The above steps will allow the teacher to view all the students in one spreadsheet

Using Google Forms as a Reading Log


How many times have you heard, “I lost my reading log  or the dog ate it?” Perhaps these statements are on their way to becoming obsolete thanks to Google Forms. Using a Google Form as a reading log can simplify the process for both the teacher and student alike.


  1. Teacher shares one link or embeds the form into a blog or classroom website
  2. All the information is propagated into a spreadsheet
    1. One sheet per student
    2. Tabs are labeled with students names
    3. Easier than flipping through a stack of papers
  3. Collects easily accessible data
  4. No need to collect reading logs during class time
  5. Reading logs are automatically time & date stamped
    1. ***This means the teacher will know when the student filled the form out
  6. Saves a Tree, and provides funds which can be spent on other academic supports


  1. Makes student accountable
  2. Less papers to organize
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Provides extra class time to support students individual needs
  5. Easy to use
  6. Can be accessed from most devices